Brock misses rockin’ out in the music scene…

Yep, I really miss it. Starting to miss rocking out in the music scene. I did it around 2006-2008. I remember my last gig too. It was on May 31st, 2008 @ Positively 4th Street. I have that entire performance in my youtube channel. I miss putting together my own shows and sharing the stage with other solo acoustic acts, and I’ve opened for plenty of full bands around the area too. It was a great ride. I want to experience that ride again. I need to get back out there, badly. I had a hand in helping new and upcoming musicians to get their start playing out there. I helped my cousin’s band, Joe Nacco, Rob Skane, flakjacket, C.E. Skidmore, Katie Haverly, Steve Grogan, etc. the list goes on. I remember those days. Sure, I had my ups and downs when playing out in the music scene, but every band out there experiences ups & downs. So I’m learning not to take it all seriously. I didn’t get nothing in return for helping the music scene but you know what? I’m cool with that. I just liked helping out other musicians, meeting other musicians and to help promote their music as well. It’s just what I liked to do. It was my clever  way to promote my own music.

I’ll get back out there at some point. I need to have a new demo ready with new songs to promote out there first. I hope to make an official album one of these days too, with an actual CD cover and all that. I took a long hiatus from music to improve my guitar playing and get better at songwriting. I’m serious in getting my own band someday and it will happen. It’ll be just a three piece. Drummer, bass, and me on guitar/vocals, I will be the lead guitarist too. That’s my plan. Haven’t came up with a band name yet, but when I do, I’m going to trademark it before I get it out there. Trademarking your band name is very important which a lot of bands around here forget to do. They think they can go out there and not trademark your stuff, thinking that no one else will steal your band name. It can happen or worse, what if some other band already have that name you picked? You could get sued by that band, you don’t want that, do ya?

I want to experience rockin’ out clubs with a full band. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long long time. Not sure when will I start auditioning though. I want to have some new original songs to rehearse with first, then I’ll start auditioning. I have a vision that I want this band to be super tight, a Led Zep kind of thing. Yes, there will probably be long 10-20 minute jams for one song ’cause I probably going to want to jam like that.

I’m not looking to be big and popular, I just want to rock out and enjoy myself!


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