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Cool Video: Mick Foley always had great mic skills in wrestling…

Last night, WWE “RAW” was in Albany at the Times Union Center. I didn’t go, but after seeing the CM Punk and Mick Foley promo, made me wish I was there. I’ve been following Foley’s wrestling career for years. Everything from his earlier days of WWE, his WCW/ECW career, TNA, and even his days in Japan. While Foley’s promo last night was really good, I enjoyed it, he had even more amazing promos in his past. Thing is, with a whole new world of young wrestling fans, I’m positive they don’t know much about Mick Foley. I’m such a huge fan of Foley. What he did in his past, his hardcore wrestling days were amazing stuff. Foley does have a great speaking voice, and he’s an intelligent guy as well! Again last night’s promo with Foley was good but I’ve seen better. Foley is a legend and he needs in the WWE Hall of Fame, already!


Thought: Brock reviews last night’s WWE RAW…

Man, RAW is getting so much better, I’m so proud of WWE. If WWE can keep up the great work like this, the company will get everyone’s respect again. On RAW last night, started off with a Championship match between The Miz vs. John Morrison. It was such an awesome match, very well played by both men. Of course, the Miz, won, but it was still an excellent match. John Morrison did a really good bump by jumping off on top of the WWE logo on the stage. It felt like a PPV match and a great way to kick off RAW.

The main event that ended RAW was a steel cage match with 3 wrestlers: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. It was a pretty long match too, also felt like a ppv match. Of course, CM Punk interfered when Wade Barret was going to score the victory but CM Punk pushed Barrett down from the cage, costing him the opportunity to be part of the 30 Man Royal Rumble match up.

All the other matches last night were fun and entertaining too.

Wow. Ever since the WWE ditched celebrity guest hosts, they’ve been doing a great job on their shows so far. Even John Cena wasn’t on last night. See? WWE can do good without Cena. They don’t need Cena around to bring up ratings. All they need is good story lines and good wrestling. It’s pretty nice that the WWE is concentrating on good wrestling for the past couple of weeks and that’s what I want to see.

Congrats to the WWE creative team. Keep up the great work.


Brock reviews 3 hour “Old School WWF” RAW last night…

I really liked, last night’s RAW, they went “Old School”. They went to their old style of WWE programming they had back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Back in the days when WWE used to be really good. A lot of people complain and whine about this PG rating, but if you seriously think about it, WWE started off as PG when they first started in the 80’s. The WWE brought out a bunch of old legends from the past, which was really cool and kids who didn’t watch WWE back then, got their chance to experience what WWE was like back in the old days. Vince wanted to remind us what WWE was like back in the day. When I was a child, I was obsessed with old school WWF. Used to wake up Saturday mornings just to watch WWF.

Legendary wrestlers that performed last night: Cowboy Bob Orton, Mean Gene Okerlund, The Brooklyn Brawler, George the Animal Steele, Harvey Whippleman, Howard Finkel, Mark Henry as the “Sexual Chocolate” gimmick, Yoshi Tatsu, Tony Atlas, Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Mae Young, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Sgt. Slaughter, Tito Santana, Chavo Classic, Arn Anderson, Ron Simmons, Gerry Brisco, Tatanka, etc. You name it, most of them were there.

Of course, it would have been a better show if the important old school legends made a one time appearance. I wish Stone Cold, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage and especially Bret Hart came out, but none of them did sadly. It’s understandable why Hulk Hogan wouldn’t show up since he’s working for TNA and Hulk wants nothing to do with WWE anymore.

It was actually an exciting RAW but a slight disappointment. I didn’t like the ending. Yes, Rowdy Roddy Piper pulls off a really good promo and speech like he always does, but of course, John Cena ends up being the hero again by beating up Wade Barrett at the end. I’m so tired of RAW ending with Cena being the hero. We’ve been getting these type of endings week after week for the past several years. WWE can never come up with an original ending these days. I was hoping the entire Nexus group would come out and destroy Piper, but of course that didn’t happen. That’s why they had all those legends at the top of the ramp so they can protect Piper from the Nexus.

I actually thought the Mae Young and Lay-Cool  segment was very entertaining. I also loved the backstage skit with Randy Orton/Cowboy Bob and Kofi Kingston, Mean Gene Okerlund. They were filming that backstage interview old school WWF style, with that low budget background. Randy and Kofi were talking like old school wrestlers back in the 80’s which was kind of cool. It was very weird not seeing Bret Hart last night. You’d think the Hitman would be there for this with the Heart Dynasty. Not sure why Bret Hart wasn’t there, I’ll look it up.

It was a pretty good show, just wish they ended it better.


Cool Video: Pee Wee Herman on RAW is golden!

While I hate WWE doing this celebrity guest host thing, I think Pee Wee was the only one worth watching out of all the celebrity guest  hosts WWE had in the past. Paul Reubens did such a great job, I’m proud of him. His performance with the Miz was just brilliant. I think Pee Wee tops all the RAW guest hosts in the past. Reubens is a great entertainer, like him or not.

Enjoy this awesome video!


Thought: I think the RAW anonymous GM is the Ultimate Warrior, here’s why…

Brock here, thinks the RAW anonymous GM is no one other than the Ultimate Warrior. I’m 100% sure it is. I think this is my final pick and my final prediction. I used to think it was going to be the Rock, but no, it’s not gonna be the Rock. The Rock is too busy filming movies.

Why the Ultimate Warrior? Well pay attention to the storyline. All the clues and hints are pointing directly at the Ultimate Warrior. When Vince McMahon first announced there is a RAW anonymous GM, Vince said, he would have “Ultimate control”. In other clues, the anonymous RAW GM said he doesn’t care for The Undertaker and Bret Hart. Remember, the Warrior is no fan of them in real life. Also, notice how the Anonymous GM seems to be busting on Sheamus a lot? Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s because Sheamus has the nick name, “The Celtic Warrior”. Those are some hints. The Anonymous GM seems to be getting on Chris Jericho for the past couple of weeks. Why is this? It’s because the Warrior and Chris Jericho never feuded before in the history of wrestling. Chris Jericho likes to pick on the legends of wrestling and if Warrior was brought in, imagine Chris not liking it.

What about another clue? Well, if you watch RAW in the beginning of the intro theme, they keep showing classic footage of the Warrior in the open title sequence of RAW. Is that a hint that he’s about to make a huge return?

Keep in mind that the Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon had a long history, yes, they never got along too well in the past. There is a reason that the Warrior was being kept anonymous because of his history with Vince McMahon, an off public feud. The Warrior must of patched things up quietly with Vince behind the scenes of wrestling to sign Warrior back to the WWE.

I think the Warrior would come in as a babyface, not as heel. The Anonymous GM hasn’t been so nice to the Nexus, Sheamus and Jericho lately. He seems to be doing good for the good guy wrestlers. When Warrior comes in, he would feud with Jericho for a long while, then maybe Sheamus ’cause of his “Celtic Warrior” name. Warrior would continue to feud with the Nexus, giving them matches that they don’t want fight against. Then Vince McMahon would return to have a long feud with Warrior to try to fire Warrior or force him to retire like he did to Ric Flair. There could also be a Bret Hart return to feud with Warrior at some point too and maybe have a match together at the next Wrestlemania?

Yep, so this is who I think the RAW anonymous GM is. The Ultimate Warrior, gotta be. All the clues are pointing directly at him, can’t you see it?


TNA Impact vs. WWE RAW last night making wrestling history with Hulk Hogan vs. Bret Hart

Wow!!!!!!! What an amazing night of wrestling last night!!! Both wrestling shows “TNA Impact” and “WWE RAW” were really amazing. Making history, big time. Last night’s TNA Impact, their first Monday night show, marks the debut of Hulk Hogan who just signed with TNA a while back. TNA did a three hour special to compete with RAW. Yes they were competing and battling with them big time for the ratings. Hulk Hogan was not the only former WWE superstar making his debut in TNA, there were many others. Superstars such as Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Val Venis, The Nasty Boys tag team, Scott Hall, X-Pac (Sean Waltman), Shannon Moore, and a few more to name. I never really used to like TNA that much, but last night was actually a really good show. The wrestling and the storylines were entertaining.

As for the Hulk Hogan debut, everybody probably expected Hulk to come out wearing his usual red and yellow ring attire with his “Great American” theme song, but he didn’t. He came out wearing all black, wearing sunglasses and fake black beard makeup. Meaning that he went back to his old Hollywood Hulk Hogan gimmick. The reason I think Hogan didn’t wear the red and yellow ring attire is because it’s, the WWE’s trademark and WWE owns the rights. TnA could get into legal trouble if they used the “American” red and yellow gimmick, that’s my guess. I could be wrong though, maybe TnA will actually use the red and yellow gimmick in the future if WWE lets them.

There was an nWo reunion last night on TNA. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, and Eric Bischoff were all in the ring, talking about reforming the nWo. However, the nWo name wasn’t mentioned once (another copyright/trademark thing?). It was an amazing segment seeing all those guys in the ring after all these years. They put on great mic speeches.

I was also watching WWE RAW, both at the same time. Switching back and forth in between commercials. I recorded both shows on my DVR. Bret Hart being RAW guest host was amazing as well. Bret still have the great mic skills and he was amazing last night. Look like Bret will be feuding with McMahon for the Montreal Screwjob angle years back. Bret vs. Vince McMahon for Wrestlemania? Possibly.

I plan to watch both TNA and RAW again this week. I’ll keep an eye on the ratings report to see which show did the best ratings. I’ll post it when the ratings report is announced.


Thought: Al Sharpton on RAW last night…

Since last night’s RAW was in Albany, N.Y. at the Times Union Center last night, I wanted to blog about it. I didn’t go to the show, just saw it on TV. Rev. Al Sharpton was in town to start his education reform tour as to help promote it. So he agreed to do RAW to help start the tour.

I was expecting a very good heel performance by Al Sharpton, I was expecting a powerful speech, a bad guy wrestler type of speech that I was expecting him to do…but instead we get something different. We get a childlike and happy Al Sharpton, he was playful, it was something for the kids since WWE is now a PG rating so they basically want all celebrity guest hosts to be all childlike to be entertaining for the kids.

At the opening segment of RAW MVP and Mark Henry did their speech with Chris Jericho and the Big Show interupting. Chris Jericho came out to praise Al Sharpton’s work in politics. When Al Sharpton came out to the ring, Al made it seem like he was flattered by Chris’s comments. Then Al announced that Chris Jericho/Big show were going to have a tag team championship match against MVP/Mark Henry later on RAW.

At first, Al Sharpton was getting booed by the crowd when he came out…but when Al announced the tag team championship match, the whole crowd of Albany NY gave Al a strong cheer.

After Al’s speech with the wrestlers, Al did a couple of backstage segments before the commercials. One was Al teaching a wrestler education while Chavo Guerrero was chasing Hornswoggle around the office. The second backstage segment was Al singing “I Feel Good” by James Brown with a couple of WWE Divas.

That was it, that was all the screen time Al Sharpton had. It was an entertaining fun type of thing, Al didn’t get into any physical action or nothing like that.

Al did a good job on the mic but I was hoping for something more.

WWE has gotten so childlike ’cause of the PG rating. I actually don’t mind the PG rating, I just want the celebrity hosting thing to get over with ’cause it’s lame.

Remember, WWE started off a PG rating when they first started in the 80’s, when Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, etc were all around back in the old days. WWE is going for the return of the 80’s style, that is the point of going PG so they can get more children to watch WWE like they did in the 80’s.

On last night’s RAW, for example, DX, Triple H and Shawn Michaels were talking trash at Legacy, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. In the early 90’s when it used to be PG-13, wrestlers used to talk about getting angry by using the word “pissed”, but since this is PG rating now, wrestlers can’t use that word anymore like they used to. Triple H was describing getting angry by using the Incredible Hulk as an example.

It actually wasn’t a bad RAW last night, it was pretty good. I just wish WWE did more with Al Sharpton, because he would have a better performance if he did more than just promote education reform.


Report: Rev. Al Sharpton will be in Albany, on Monday to host “RAW” at the Times Union Center…

Yes, that’s right. WWE RAW is coming back to Albany, this coming Monday night at the Times Union Center. Who is the celebrity guest host for next Monday’s RAW?

That will be Rev. Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton is coming to town in the Capital District area to perform on Monday Night RAW for a one night episode as a celebrity guest host. Al will be in charge of running RAW as a storyline.

More on it here:


Although I stopped watching RAW for a while, I’ll watch this one episode. Al Sharpton hosting RAW will be interesting. We all know, Al is the most hated guy in the news media. Obviously WWE, hired him to be special guest host ’cause they think he would make a good heel/badguy host.

Most of the celebrity guest hosts RAW had so far were more aiming to the good guy side. I think Al Sharpton will be the badguy. We’ll wait and see.

I’m sure Al will be great on the mic on RAW though.


Thought: Will WWE make “Denver Nuggets vs. Vince McMahon” into a RAW storyline????

Vince McMahon is in a real life feud against the Denver Nuggets, NBA baketball team owner, Stan Kroenke. It has something to do with their team landing a basketball game on the same day RAW is scheduled to have a show at the same arena. The Nuggets won the battle, and Vince agreed to take the RAW show else where. Of course, Vince is not happy about it and they continue to feud about it.

I think, they won’t battle it out in court, they’ll make it into a WWE storyline. I’m sure the WWE writers are all over this and I’m sure they are dying to make this feud into a storyline, it won’t surprise me if they will.

Vince and Stan probably won’t wrestle a match, but they’ll probably pick a wrestler to be on their side just like the Vince vs. The Donald feud a few years back. Vinnie Mac is scheduled to appear on RAW this Monday, I heard, and don’t be surprised if he goes on there saying a bunch of nasty stuff about Stan Kroenke and the Denver Nuggets.


BREAKING NEWS: Stone Cold Steve Austin is returning to the WWE…

And that’s the bottom line ’cause Stone Cold says so. Yes, that’s right! The Texas Rattlesnake and the beer drinking redneck is making another full time return to the WWE.

Last night on RAW Stone Cold was announced as one of the three referees for fans to pick for the Batista vs. Jericho Champ match at the next ppv “Cyber Sunday”. Goldust and Randy Orton were announced as the other three special guest referees.

Goldust who is played by Dustin Rhodes (who is Dusty Rhodes real life son) is also making another big return to WWE.

Look like WWE is set to form another big stable and that is the stable called Priceless which includes members Ted Dibiases Jr., Cody Rhodes, and Manu. Since Dusty Rhodes is Cody Rhodes real life brother, it is possible that Goldust could join the Priceless stable. There is also a possibility that Randy Orton may join Priceless in the future as well.

The word “stable” is another wrestling term which means that wrestlers forming 3 or more people into a group…other stables in the wrestling world includes the n-W-o, D-Generation X, The Four Horsemen, and Evolution. Look like Priceless is going to be WWE’s next big stable in the works.

As for Stone Cold’s return, who is he going to feud with? Vince McMahon is no longer around and Stone Cold has been known to be feuding with McMahon. Stone Cold to feud with new RAW GM Mike Adamle? It’s possible.

It’s going to be great to see Stone Cold back. He is needed back in the WWE pretty badily, all the big iconic superstars (like the Rock, Mick Foley, Hogan, etc.) are gone and we need the veterans back.