Thought: Will WWE make “Denver Nuggets vs. Vince McMahon” into a RAW storyline????

Vince McMahon is in a real life feud against the Denver Nuggets, NBA baketball team owner, Stan Kroenke. It has something to do with their team landing a basketball game on the same day RAW is scheduled to have a show at the same arena. The Nuggets won the battle, and Vince agreed to take the RAW show else where. Of course, Vince is not happy about it and they continue to feud about it.

I think, they won’t battle it out in court, they’ll make it into a WWE storyline. I’m sure the WWE writers are all over this and I’m sure they are dying to make this feud into a storyline, it won’t surprise me if they will.

Vince and Stan probably won’t wrestle a match, but they’ll probably pick a wrestler to be on their side just like the Vince vs. The Donald feud a few years back. Vinnie Mac is scheduled to appear on RAW this Monday, I heard, and don’t be surprised if he goes on there saying a bunch of nasty stuff about Stan Kroenke and the Denver Nuggets.


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