Thought: I think the RAW anonymous GM is the Ultimate Warrior, here’s why…

Brock here, thinks the RAW anonymous GM is no one other than the Ultimate Warrior. I’m 100% sure it is. I think this is my final pick and my final prediction. I used to think it was going to be the Rock, but no, it’s not gonna be the Rock. The Rock is too busy filming movies.

Why the Ultimate Warrior? Well pay attention to the storyline. All the clues and hints are pointing directly at the Ultimate Warrior. When Vince McMahon first announced there is a RAW anonymous GM, Vince said, he would have “Ultimate control”. In other clues, the anonymous RAW GM said he doesn’t care for The Undertaker and Bret Hart. Remember, the Warrior is no fan of them in real life. Also, notice how the Anonymous GM seems to be busting on Sheamus a lot? Ever wonder why? Maybe it’s because Sheamus has the nick name, “The Celtic Warrior”. Those are some hints. The Anonymous GM seems to be getting on Chris Jericho for the past couple of weeks. Why is this? It’s because the Warrior and Chris Jericho never feuded before in the history of wrestling. Chris Jericho likes to pick on the legends of wrestling and if Warrior was brought in, imagine Chris not liking it.

What about another clue? Well, if you watch RAW in the beginning of the intro theme, they keep showing classic footage of the Warrior in the open title sequence of RAW. Is that a hint that he’s about to make a huge return?

Keep in mind that the Ultimate Warrior and Vince McMahon had a long history, yes, they never got along too well in the past. There is a reason that the Warrior was being kept anonymous because of his history with Vince McMahon, an off public feud. The Warrior must of patched things up quietly with Vince behind the scenes of wrestling to sign Warrior back to the WWE.

I think the Warrior would come in as a babyface, not as heel. The Anonymous GM hasn’t been so nice to the Nexus, Sheamus and Jericho lately. He seems to be doing good for the good guy wrestlers. When Warrior comes in, he would feud with Jericho for a long while, then maybe Sheamus ’cause of his “Celtic Warrior” name. Warrior would continue to feud with the Nexus, giving them matches that they don’t want fight against. Then Vince McMahon would return to have a long feud with Warrior to try to fire Warrior or force him to retire like he did to Ric Flair. There could also be a Bret Hart return to feud with Warrior at some point too and maybe have a match together at the next Wrestlemania?

Yep, so this is who I think the RAW anonymous GM is. The Ultimate Warrior, gotta be. All the clues are pointing directly at him, can’t you see it?


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