Thought: Brock reviews last night’s WWE RAW…

Man, RAW is getting so much better, I’m so proud of WWE. If WWE can keep up the great work like this, the company will get everyone’s respect again. On RAW last night, started off with a Championship match between The Miz vs. John Morrison. It was such an awesome match, very well played by both men. Of course, the Miz, won, but it was still an excellent match. John Morrison did a really good bump by jumping off on top of the WWE logo on the stage. It felt like a PPV match and a great way to kick off RAW.

The main event that ended RAW was a steel cage match with 3 wrestlers: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. It was a pretty long match too, also felt like a ppv match. Of course, CM Punk interfered when Wade Barret was going to score the victory but CM Punk pushed Barrett down from the cage, costing him the opportunity to be part of the 30 Man Royal Rumble match up.

All the other matches last night were fun and entertaining too.

Wow. Ever since the WWE ditched celebrity guest hosts, they’ve been doing a great job on their shows so far. Even John Cena wasn’t on last night. See? WWE can do good without Cena. They don’t need Cena around to bring up ratings. All they need is good story lines and good wrestling. It’s pretty nice that the WWE is concentrating on good wrestling for the past couple of weeks and that’s what I want to see.

Congrats to the WWE creative team. Keep up the great work.


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