More thoughts on P90x…

If I had anything positive to say about P90x, anything at all, here is something. I’ll admit that the P90x DVD instructional packets can help you lose some weight and gain a little muscle, sure, but it’s certainly not going to make you look like those buffed guys you see in the Calvin Klein commercials. That is why people fall for P90x. They think that stuff is going to turn them into a male supermodel. If you want that male supermodel look, the hot and sexy look that women drool over, the transformation. P90x won’t do that for you, I’m sorry. The key to getting that hollywood buffed look is in the weight room and in the kitchen.

I truly believe it’s possible you can look like those guys you see in the magazines, commercials, and movies…it just takes a lot of research, knowledge and dedication. Do I want that look? The supermodel look? Not really. My goal is to look like a tough guy. I want the wrestler and action star type of look. That’s the look I’m going for. When you get into fitness, you must have a goal and a vision in your head of what you want to look like for your transformation.


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