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Thoughts on the wrestling industry so far: Which company do I think is better… WWE or AEW???

Well, the competition between WWE and AEW is really heating up. I’ve been a lifelong WWE fan for years and still am even to this day. Now that there is a new wrestling company out there called All Elite Wrestling (AEW) which I’ve been watching since their very first ppv called “Double Or Nothing”. Now AEW is on television and they have their own TV show on Wednesday nights titled “Dynamite” which lands on the same night as NXT on USA. Both of those shows are on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m.

The WWE has been sucking a lot lately and now that AEW is here, this has forced WWE to try and get better. You can see that the WWE is trying to improve ’cause they brought in Paul Heyman to run RAW and Eric Bischoff to run Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. Both of those shows are trying to improve but both shows are going downhill and getting bad again. WWE is trying to improve but they can’t.

What is the difference between WWE and AEW? There is a big difference:

WWE: This company is all family-entertainment. They are still in the PG era and the WWE treats their fans like they “marks”. The wrestling term “marks” means fans that think wrestling is real and Vince treats their fans that way. The thing that is missing in WWE is that they don’t focus on true wrestling anymore but mostly focus on “storyline” and soap opera stuff. Vince and the WWE likes to hold their fan favorite superstars down while part timers like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey getting all the spotlight. They also love to ram Roman Reigns down our throats.

AEW: This company focuses on the actual “wrestling” part of things. They don’t treat their fans like marks and this company actually treats their fans like real “fans” which is a breath of fresh air. This company calls their performers “wrestlers” and not “superstars”. This company brings back “good” wrestling which WWE ignores… good wrestling meaning matches that tell a story and being theatrical like which WWE doesn’t have anymore. AEW brings all that back. AEW does things WWE doesn’t do anymore like hardcore wrestling, chair shots to the head, lots of blood and all that stuff.

With all this being said, you wonder which company I think is better? I’m gonna have to say AEW for sure. AEW makes me excited for pro wrestling lately ’cause I’m with most wrestling fans that WWE has been sucking a lot lately and they aren’t getting any better either.

When it comes to WWE sucking, I don’t blame the performers ’cause they are just doing their job… I blame Vince for sure. Vince is a great business owner and promoter but creatively, he is downright horrible. It’s a shame ’cause WWE used to be really good in the 80’s and 90’s.

AEW is awesome ’cause they have a talent in the roster that actually has character like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Adam Hangman Page,  PAC, etc. All those guys are fucking awesome and AEW has a cool women’s division too.

WWE has so many superstars that don’t have any character anymore except for the new Bray Wyatt gimmick aka The Fiend which is why I keep watching the WWE. The Fiend is a cool character and each time the Fiend is on, I watch. The new Bray Wyatt gimmick is captivating stuff for sure.

While I think what AEW is doing is pretty amazing stuff, they still need to improve, though. I think their sound system in arenas is horrible. They need to improve the sound system for the wrestler theme songs and they need to improve the P.A. for when wrestlers give their promos in the ring too. Their TV production is kind of horrible too. I understand AEW is a new company and they got a lot to learn still but they’ll get better with that stuff as time goes along.

With that being said, I think AEW is an amazing company and I love what they’re doing as I think I will be a full time AEW fan, but the question you have to ask is this… “Will I give up WWE?”. No… probably not. I’ll continue to support WWE and will continue to be a WWE fan. I can’t give up WWE so I’ll support both WWE and AEW as I have been watching both.

I’m just a fan of pro wrestling as I love it so much, ya know? AEW is awesome. You should check them out on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on TNT if you’re curious. They’re doing a good job.


Sorry folks, but I still support traditional marriage, you can’t redefine it…

Some of you are probably wondering about my thoughts about the Supreme court, looking into Proposition 8 in California, and it’s also getting to the point where it maybe possible that gay marriage could be legal all over the USA. Back when New York State got gay marriage legalized, I’ve always said that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. It always has been and always will be (or should be). I don’t hate homosexuals, be who you want to be, I don’t care. You can’t redefine marriage and make it how you want it be, I’m sorry folks. You can’t rewrite history. God, has always intended marriage to be between man and woman. People just don’t understand the religion part of marriage, of how it originally was. A marriage between a man and a woman was meant to be set in stone. It doesn’t make any sense where a gay woman would call her wife, and wouldn’t make any sense for a gay man to call him husband. It’s all ridiculous and doesn’t sound right, in my opinion. It should always be wife and husband.

It’s hard to have a different opinion on gay marriage then everyone else, ’cause if you oppose to gay marriage, you’ll get accused of discrimination and people will hate you for it, just because you spoke out your beliefs.

I hope gay marriage doesn’t get legalized in the USA, it should stay the way it is. Of course, I have a feeling that gay marriage supporters will win this one because President Barack O’, WILL have a big hand in making it legal. He will help, I’m sure. I have no problem with gay people, it’s just that I have a problem with the same sex marriage thing. I’ve always have been a believer to traditional marriage and always will.

If you don’t like my opinion, you can stop reading my blog or unsubscribe, or whatever. From what I remember, Obama used to be against same sex marriage, but he did some major flip flopping for whatever reason. I’m not that religious, but this is a sin, and it’s disrespecting the bible.




Brocks thoughts on Prince Harry partying with girls and getting naked in Vegas…who cares? Let him have the fun…

Honestly, I don’t find anything wrong with Prince Harry wanting to have a little fun in the USA. He has private sexual fantasies like most of us, so what’s the big deal? He may have an obsession of being a nudist. He probably does these things all the time in England, except when he decided to do it in the USA, of course, he had to be exposed by the media, thanks to TMZ. TMZ is a pretty cold and evil website, I always hated them. I don’t even read TMZ anymore like I used to. Prince Harry deserves the rights to his privacy. So whoever took the pics and sent them to TMZ is a total loser. America is obsessed with famous people, and it’s making me sick. Who cares if Harry wants to have fun and party it up? That’s his business. Can you blame him? It’s VEGAS! Everyone wants to party in Vegas.

Just wanted to give my brief thoughts on this for those who are wondering. Harry did nothing wrong at all. As long it’s legal (which was), he has the right to party it up with women if he wanted. HE IS PRINCE FUCKING HARRY! The man has the power to do what he wants to do, of course, the USA ladies will be all over him. Let him enjoy himself and leave him the hell alone.

Olympics Hockey – USA vs. Canada earlier tonight…

Yes, I did watch it. The final Hockey game which is also the last Olympics game of this year’s Winter season. I’ll tell ya that I was never that much of a hockey fan. I watched the whole game today. It was an amazing game. I never felt that thrilled in a sports game before. I mean, tonight’s hockey game at the Olympics was almost like the Superbowl but it was even better. Yes, the hockey game today was that amazing. It was unbelievable. THRILLING! HISTORY MAKING!

While I’m sad USA didn’t win the game, Canada does deserve the win though since the Olympics was in their home country.

I love the Olympics this year over all though. I watched it every day and every night as much as I can. Lots of history making with all athletes and games. Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White were a hit for me. I’ll admit that Johnny Weir is impressive and talented even though that guy is weird.

It was a very good year of the Winter Olympics. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Watching the Closing Ceremony as I type this and I’m happy that Neil Young performed this time.