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Congrats to Congress for FINALLY passing the Keystone Pipeline but we all know that asshole Obama will probably veto it…

Everybody wants the economy to get better. You’re all missing out on a good opportunity for the Keystone Pipeline. Why don’t the left want it? For risks of pollution? I understand that but we already are polluted all over. If Arab oil is what y’all prefer instead of American or Canadian oil, be my guest. This is why Barack doesn’t want the pipeline. He would rather have Arab oil in the United States. Barack wants the Muslim oil instead of American.

Republicans tried to tell everybody that the Keystone Pipeline is a great economic opportunity but the ignorant left doesn’t wanna listen to us. It really is a great opportunity. Barack is obsessed with the US getting more jobs, more energy sources and all that stuff… well, the Keystone will give us all that.

Nope… Barack doesn’t want the Keystone ’cause he knows it’s gonna help the United States and his goal is to destroy this country. He’s probably gonna end up “vetoing” but that’s okay fuck him. At least we finally showed him that we really want that Pipeline.

it’s amazing that the Keystone finally got passed through the House and the Senate when it had struggled to pass after all these years. Republicans are on the right track. They’re doing what we elected them for.

I think those who protest the pipeline are a bunch of idiots and losers. Barack is vetoing this ’cause he doesn’t give a shit what the country wants. This is why we are in need of a Republican president in 2016.

Those who doubt the Keystone are missing out on a great opportunity. I want the Keystone to happen myself.


Report: Radiohead cancels Downsview Park concert in Toronto due to stage collapse, killing 1 and injuring a few others…

Radiohead, was schedule to perform at Downsview Park tonight in Toronto, Canada, but the band were forced to cancel the concert due to a stage collapsing, which killed one person and injured a few others. The band themselves made the announcement on facebook/twitter, saying fans who bought tickets will get refunds and fans were told not to travel to the show.

While I’m sure, this is angering a lot of Radiohead fans, the band did a good move here, so I’m siding with them. Human lives are more important than music, so Radiohead had no choice but to cancel the gig for good, ’cause it’s for the best. I mean, this could have been Radiohead performing on stage. What if Radiohead were rehearsing before the show? It could have happened to them instead. Plus, they had to cancel the show out of respect for the person that died. Radiohead is just being professional about this.

This is just even more proof that outdoor concerts can be very very dangerous. This is pretty tragic, and I’m sure the guys in Radiohead are scared themselves.

More on the story, here.


Olympics Hockey – USA vs. Canada earlier tonight…

Yes, I did watch it. The final Hockey game which is also the last Olympics game of this year’s Winter season. I’ll tell ya that I was never that much of a hockey fan. I watched the whole game today. It was an amazing game. I never felt that thrilled in a sports game before. I mean, tonight’s hockey game at the Olympics was almost like the Superbowl but it was even better. Yes, the hockey game today was that amazing. It was unbelievable. THRILLING! HISTORY MAKING!

While I’m sad USA didn’t win the game, Canada does deserve the win though since the Olympics was in their home country.

I love the Olympics this year over all though. I watched it every day and every night as much as I can. Lots of history making with all athletes and games. Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White were a hit for me. I’ll admit that Johnny Weir is impressive and talented even though that guy is weird.

It was a very good year of the Winter Olympics. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Watching the Closing Ceremony as I type this and I’m happy that Neil Young performed this time.


Report: In defense of Billy Bob and the Boxmasters…read this…

I came across this great article. It’s a writer from a website named, swampland.com that defends the controversial QTV Boxmasters interview. This is right on the money, all of it. I agree with everything he wrote in this article, 100%. Excellent job, Jim Markel! He explained things better than I did.

Like I said before, Billy Bob went off topic about “monster magazines” and “toys” instead of music because Jian went off topic, and Billy Bob did it to be a smartass like I said.

I guess, the interview wasn’t scripted and acted. It was real like this article said. The article is right that it is Billy Bob’s and the band’s right to treat the interview how they feel like.

So to all those out there that are angry at Billy Bob for this interview, you might want to read this, read it all, from the top to bottom. Very good read. I applaud this writer.

Even this guy in this article agreed that Billy Bob wasn’t acting like a jerk at all like I’ve been saying.

Read it here:


Music listeners must understand band interviews. I have seen and read plenty of interviews by famous bands and artists, and believe me…there are way crazier ones than the Boxmasters.

The only reason why people are angry at the Boxmasters interview is ’cause of Billy Bob’s fame as a movie star.

With all these music websites reporting this QTV story, a lot of hateful comments from listeners thinking that the band will fail in music ’cause of that interview. Like I keep saying, the band will get more successful, they will be a hit. The band will be around a long time, whether you like it or not.

As long as they are making the news, they are becoming successful right now. I think they are a fun band and enjoyable to listen to. If the Boxmasters played a show in the Capital District, I’d definitely see them for sure. So hope they come around here for their upcoming tour. Not many people are into this country hillbilly thing, and I like that stuff. I admire the Boxmasters for trying to make that genre big again. I don’t have their albums yet, but I’m going to be looking into getting some soon.