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Wow, today is not a good day for all those left-wing environmentalist nut jobs, Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access are coming your way whether you like it or not…

I’m sure liberals and those Bernie fanatics are hating Trump even more now ’cause President Trump just signed executive orders to construct the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access.

Ya know, ┬áI’m all for those pipelines. I remember defending the Dakota Access and I still stand by my opinion on it that I think the Dakota Access is a good idea too. We want American oil and not foreign. Pipelines will be good for the economy ’cause more jobs.

I don’t understand why these environmentalist freaks get so upset over these two pipelines when the US already has plenty of pipelines underground that also has all kinds of polluting issues. So what’s the problem? Hmmmmm???

Like I told ya before, Trump in office is gonna be a wild ride. He’s working so fast and getting a lot done. Nobody has ever seen this before ’cause other presidents in the past never worked as hard as Trump does. Trump has only been in office for 4 days and he’s already kicking ass. He gets up early in the morning and works ’til late at night. I told ya he was a big deal! ­čÖé


Photo of Obama’s reaction after he “veto’ed” the Keystone Pipeline… photo is real…

After Obama predictably “veto’ed” the Keystone Pipeline, it’s no surprise that he would sit back and smile about it. This photo is real and authentic. Taken a few minutes after he veto’ed the Keystone Pipeline in the oval office.

Jennifer Bendery is a Huffington Post writer who covers everything that goes on in the White House so she might have been one in the oval office who have taken that pic. Obama does allow certain press in the oval office.

That photo of Obama is clearly him saying, “Fuck you, America”. The smile on his face shows he doesn’t give a fuck. How American is that?


Congrats to Congress for FINALLY passing the Keystone Pipeline but we all know that asshole Obama will probably veto it…

Everybody wants the economy to get better. You’re all missing out on a good opportunity for the Keystone Pipeline. Why don’t the left want it? For risks of pollution? I understand that but we already are polluted all over. If Arab oil is what y’all prefer instead of American or Canadian oil, be my guest. This is why Barack doesn’t want the pipeline. He would rather have Arab oil in the United States. Barack wants the Muslim oil instead of American.

Republicans tried to tell everybody that the Keystone Pipeline┬áis a great economic opportunity but the ignorant left doesn’t wanna listen to us. It really is a great opportunity. Barack is obsessed with the US getting more jobs, more energy sources and all that stuff… well, the Keystone will give us all that.

Nope… Barack doesn’t want the Keystone ’cause he knows it’s gonna help the United States and his goal is to destroy this country. He’s probably gonna end up “vetoing” but that’s okay fuck him. At least we finally showed him that we really want that Pipeline.

it’s amazing that the Keystone finally got passed through the House and the Senate when it had struggled to pass after all these years. Republicans are on the right track. They’re doing what we elected them for.

I think those who protest the pipeline are a bunch of idiots and losers. Barack is vetoing this ’cause he doesn’t give a shit what the country wants. This is why we are in need of a Republican president in 2016.

Those who doubt the Keystone are missing out on a great opportunity. I want the Keystone to happen myself.