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Wow, today is not a good day for all those left-wing environmentalist nut jobs, Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access are coming your way whether you like it or not…

I’m sure liberals and those Bernie fanatics are hating Trump even more now ’cause President Trump just signed executive orders to construct the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access.

Ya know,  I’m all for those pipelines. I remember defending the Dakota Access and I still stand by my opinion on it that I think the Dakota Access is a good idea too. We want American oil and not foreign. Pipelines will be good for the economy ’cause more jobs.

I don’t understand why these environmentalist freaks get so upset over these two pipelines when the US already has plenty of pipelines underground that also has all kinds of polluting issues. So what’s the problem? Hmmmmm???

Like I told ya before, Trump in office is gonna be a wild ride. He’s working so fast and getting a lot done. Nobody has ever seen this before ’cause other presidents in the past never worked as hard as Trump does. Trump has only been in office for 4 days and he’s already kicking ass. He gets up early in the morning and works ’til late at night. I told ya he was a big deal! 🙂


Are liberals starting to get a taste of how bad Barack Obama is? (Standing Rock related)…

I don’t get into this whole Standing Rock vs. The Police thing too much but it is interesting stuff to say the least. I am noticing that liberals are starting to get annoyed and frustrated at Barack Obama and his administration over this whole thing. That means they’re getting a good taste of how horrible the Obama administration are? I can understand how liberals would question Obama over this. It’s like, “How come Obama is not doing anything to stop the police violence against Indian protesters? Indians have the right to protest!” and all that stuff. Indians setup camp to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline but the police in that area weren’t having it and trying to get rid of ’em.

Liberals want Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built and they want him to step in to tell the police to back off and leave the Indians alone but for some reason Obama is not doing or saying anything. Are you liberals surprised? You were the ones that elected that piece of shit and you thought he was for you. This is good enough to show that Obama don’t care for the liberal community. He never did. Obama hates America no matter what your political views are. He’ll do anything to destroy both sides.

The reason I think Obama won’t do anything against police violence on Indians is ’cause this is part of Obama’s war against police.  He’s intentionally continuing to make the police look like bad guys. If Obama stepped in and told law enforcement there to back off, it would make them look good.

In all honesty though, not sure why Obama won’t do anything since he claims to be a “Climate Change” hero. You would think he would be against the Dakota Access Pipeline too? Obama cares for “Climate Change”? I don’t think so. “Climate Change” isn’t even real to begin with so I don’t even get into it. I think Obama knows it isn’t even real. He’ll do whatever makes himself look good ’cause he’s such a narcissist so he’ll do and say anything that makes him look like a hero.

It’s no secret that Obama hates the police and wants nothing to do with them. Obama wants to destroy our country’s law enforcement and this is his way of doing it.

Once again, I don’t get into this whole Standing Rock thing but I have seen the photos and seen the videos getting re-shared in facebook so I have a pretty good idea of what it’s about.


I refuse to support those protesters who are against the Dakota Access Pipeline…

As usual those liberals who claim that loves to save the Earth and those Climate Change lovers likes to rail at those that wants to help the country. A pipeline whether it will be the Dakota Access Pipeline or the Keystone pipeline would both be good for the country. People make claims that these pipelines would be bad for the environment and they think it would pollute everything but actually these pipelines would be beneficial for the country.

The whole point of these pipelines is that we want to be independent of our own oil instead of having foreign oil. You know, imported oil from other countries. We don’t want that. These pipelines would be good ’cause they will also be good for the economy and create lots of jobs. I also believe that they are “very safe” for the environment as well.

Read the facts from the website:

“Pipelines play a vital role in our daily lives and provide a critical link between the sources of energy in production fields and end-users or consumers. Without pipelines, the majority of the United States would not have access to American oil and natural gas and would have to rely upon foreign sources of less reliable, less available, and much more expensive sources of energy to create products, power our homes and businesses, travel by air, land and sea, and drive industrial and manufacturing industries.”

Sounds pretty good to me!


Crude oil might be dangerous yes but there are ships, trains and trucks that bring around crude oil all over the United States which is more dangerous than a pipeline. A pipeline is way underground and to me that sounds safer than bringing crude oil by ships, trains and trucks. Ships, trains and trucks bring in crude oil all over the US all the time but you don’t see protesters getting all over them.

I don’t care what people think. I think pipelines are a good idea. Liberals are getting all over this Dakota Access Pipeline shit ’cause it’s a distraction from the election to them. Media wants to turn their attention away from Donald Trump and it worked. Hillary is gonna drop out soon so liberals need to turn their focus on something else like the Dakota pipeline thing.