Are liberals starting to get a taste of how bad Barack Obama is? (Standing Rock related)…

I don’t get into this whole Standing Rock vs. The Police thing too much but it is interesting stuff to say the least. I am noticing that liberals are starting to get annoyed and frustrated at Barack Obama and his administration over this whole thing. That means they’re getting a good taste of how horrible the Obama administration are? I can understand how liberals would question Obama over this. It’s like, “How come Obama is not doing anything to stop the police violence against Indian protesters? Indians have the right to protest!” and all that stuff. Indians setup camp to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline but the police in that area weren’t having it and trying to get rid of ’em.

Liberals want Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built and they want him to step in to tell the police to back off and leave the Indians alone but for some reason Obama is not doing or saying anything. Are you liberals surprised? You were the ones that elected that piece of shit and you thought he was for you. This is good enough to show that Obama don’t care for the liberal community. He never did. Obama hates America no matter what your political views are. He’ll do anything to destroy both sides.

The reason I think Obama won’t do anything against police violence on Indians is ’cause this is part of Obama’s war against police.  He’s intentionally continuing to make the police look like bad guys. If Obama stepped in and told law enforcement there to back off, it would make them look good.

In all honesty though, not sure why Obama won’t do anything since he claims to be a “Climate Change” hero. You would think he would be against the Dakota Access Pipeline too? Obama cares for “Climate Change”? I don’t think so. “Climate Change” isn’t even real to begin with so I don’t even get into it. I think Obama knows it isn’t even real. He’ll do whatever makes himself look good ’cause he’s such a narcissist so he’ll do and say anything that makes him look like a hero.

It’s no secret that Obama hates the police and wants nothing to do with them. Obama wants to destroy our country’s law enforcement and this is his way of doing it.

Once again, I don’t get into this whole Standing Rock thing but I have seen the photos and seen the videos getting re-shared in facebook so I have a pretty good idea of what it’s about.


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