I refuse to support those protesters who are against the Dakota Access Pipeline…

As usual those liberals who claim that loves to save the Earth and those Climate Change lovers likes to rail at those that wants to help the country. A pipeline whether it will be the Dakota Access Pipeline or the Keystone pipeline would both be good for the country. People make claims that these pipelines would be bad for the environment and they think it would pollute everything but actually these pipelines would be beneficial for the country.

The whole point of these pipelines is that we want to be independent of our own oil instead of having foreign oil. You know, imported oil from other countries. We don’t want that. These pipelines would be good ’cause they will also be good for the economy and create lots of jobs. I also believe that they are “very safe” for the environment as well.

Read the facts from the website:

“Pipelines play a vital role in our daily lives and provide a critical link between the sources of energy in production fields and end-users or consumers. Without pipelines, the majority of the United States would not have access to American oil and natural gas and would have to rely upon foreign sources of less reliable, less available, and much more expensive sources of energy to create products, power our homes and businesses, travel by air, land and sea, and drive industrial and manufacturing industries.”

Sounds pretty good to me!


Crude oil might be dangerous yes but there are ships, trains and trucks that bring around crude oil all over the United States which is more dangerous than a pipeline. A pipeline is way underground and to me that sounds safer than bringing crude oil by ships, trains and trucks. Ships, trains and trucks bring in crude oil all over the US all the time but you don’t see protesters getting all over them.

I don’t care what people think. I think pipelines are a good idea. Liberals are getting all over this Dakota Access Pipeline shit ’cause it’s a distraction from the election to them. Media wants to turn their attention away from Donald Trump and it worked. Hillary is gonna drop out soon so liberals need to turn their focus on something else like the Dakota pipeline thing.



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