If all you’re doing is going around calling everyone and everything a racist, you’re the real racist… think about it, right?

Only a typical and delusional libtard would go around calling people “racist” ’cause it’s the only thing they got. They do that to act like tough guys. It’s how they think they are better and smarter than you so in order for them to win an argument or to try and silence someone is that their only response is to call them “racist”. Even if the topic wasn’t about “race”, they feel the need to bring “race” into everything so they call you “racist” for no reason at all. When you see someone going around calling everyone and everything a “racist” then they are not very smart at all. Just a delusional and naive person who is probably brainwashed by the media and social networking groups. That’s what they teach liberals to do. They want liberals to go around calling people racist if they support Trump, against Obama’s presidency, against Islam, against illegal aliens or if you want to call out the Black Lives Matter movement. Blacks killing police officers has become more acceptable in this country and it’s a growing problem and I don’t see how it makes someone a racist for bringing it up. The term “racist” is the most over used term and people use it ’cause it’s the only attack they have. Last time I checked, liberals never cared about police officers until that NY cop got ran down by someone so it’s pretty odd that they would care now after all that BLM stuff.

If all you’re doing is calling people racist then come up with some new attacks ’cause you have really nothing else to say. You wanna know who is delusional? Someone who is delusional is when you see someone going around calling people a racist and that’s all they do, they’re probably a die-hard liberal who probably supports Bernie. Someone who thinks Hillary would be better than Donald and thinks there’s nothing wrong with Obama. Liberals are the real racists. Why do you think they started the BLack Lives Matter movement?

Have fun voting for Hillary or Tim Kaine or whoever will be the Democratic nomination next week if there will ever be one.



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