Why Vince McMahon continues to promote wrestling as if it’s real… I get it now!

Vince McMahon and the WWE continues to promote wrestling like if it’s real. We all know it’s not but that’s how they want to promote wrestling. I get why Vince does this because it’s how they draw crowds at their live shows and draw viewers for TV. A lot of the “smart” wrestling fans like to criticize WWE about ignoring wrestling and calling it “entertainment”. I had my share of criticizing WWE for promoting wrestling like if it’s real but I was wrong. I get why they do it. They have to promote wrestling this way. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get sponsors. They wouldn’t get TV networks to agree to air their shows. If the WWE promoted their shows aimed toward the smart wrestling fans, they wouldn’t get much of an audience. WWE is clearly aimed toward an audience who are “marks”. A “mark” is a wrestling term for people who think wrestling is real. There are a lot of marks out there and there are way too many people out there who believe wrestling is real. If you’re a “smart” wrestling fan like myself and if you tried to talk with a mark about wrestling then they wouldn’t understand terms like “babyface”, “heel”, “storyline”, “gimmick”, “feud”, “bump”, “house show”, “job”, “kayfabe”, etc. Someone who is a mark wouldn’t understand those terms at all. I try to talk with people about wrestling all the time and most WWE fans don’t understand those terms I listed. Crazy. The problem is there are still lots of people who believe that wrestling is real is why and I’m fine with that. I’m just glad that there are other WWE fans around.

I wish people would stop criticizing McMahon about promoting wrestling like if it’s real ’cause I give so much respect to that guy. Love him or hate Vince all you want to, that guy knows how to put on a fucking show. He does things for his own reasons. I think the WWE do a good job entertaining people and that’s why I give them so much respect for. I’ve been a long time WWE fan and still am. A lot of times they get bad and a lot of times they get good. I watch WWE on and off.

I subscribe to the WWE Network ’cause I want to watch all the old school wrestling that are on there like all the stuff from the 80’s and 90’s. They were the good old days of wrestling. What is my opinion on wrestling now which is called “The New Era”? It’s actually pretty good really. A lot of new young talent. I dig Charlotte, AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. They are my favorites right now but today’s wrestling is pretty good.

I’ll always be a wrestling fanatic. Will always have a lot of respect for Vince. That guy works hard to put on good shows and I’m looking forward to Survivor Series pretty soon.



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