Hillary to drop out of race pretty soon? It’s looking pretty likely…

So Hillary and Tim Kaine has been cancelling their events and rallies left and right. Why? Simply because of lack of interest. I’ve also noticed that Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama both unfollowed Hillary on twitter. Warren and Michelle Obama also stopped attacking Donald Trump all of a sudden. So what is going on? Does this mean that the Hillary campaign is gonna drop out of the race soon before Nov. 8th? It’s looking pretty likely and will probably happen. Hillary probably will drop out soon but there’s a lot of talk that Democrats are gonna give Tim Kaine the last minute replacement for Hillary as Democratic nomination. Hillary drops out, Kaine takes over. That’s what I’ve been hearing as of late.

If that’s gonna happen, that means a Donald Trump landslide ’cause Tim Kaine will be an easy defeat. That guy’s got no chance ’cause nobody likes him at all… even those die-hard liberals don’t even like Kaine. Even liberals found Kaine interrupting Mike Pence was a bit creepy during the VP debate.

Trump will win the presidency next Tuesday and I can’t wait. That’ll be the day we get our country back finally which is long overdue. Donald Trump is a genius. He took out a little over 16 GOP primary candidates and looks like he’s gonna take out Hillary too. Makes me respect him even more.



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