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Welp, looks Like I’m done with twitter for good since they’ve banned president Trump for simply doing nothing wrong…

I’m locked out of twitter for posting a tweet and just like that looks like I’m on a permanent lockout. I could probably get it back myself by just entering my phone number and following instructions but I don’t have a phone number that’s associated with that account so I can’t get back in at all. I tried appealing but then twitter says they won’t unlock my account simply ’cause I said the word “cunt” in a tweet. Yes, that’s right. Guess twitter don’t like the “c” word anymore. On my twitter, I used cuss words and other nasty words all the time but never got a lock out until I used the word “cunt” when talking about Ellen Page coming out as a transgender male in a tweet, lol…. that was the tweet that got me the permanent suspension.

Ah well, social media censorship is a growing problem and it’s getting worse. A lot of conservatives and Trump supporters getting kicked off of social media like crazy anyways. Many of them don’t do anything wrong and a lot of us follow the TOS pretty well but a lot of us get suspended and kicked off ’cause punishment on social media is very biased nowadays.

Then I learned that all of social media just banned president Trump this week… which includes twitter, FB and instagram. I was trying to find out why. I hate to share something from CNN but I’m just trying to find out why twitter banned Trump… it’s basically for two tweets… one was Trump saying that his supporters will not be disrespected in anyway shape or form and the other one saying that Trump will not attend Joe’s inauguration day.


I’m like, huh???? How is Trump defending and praising Trump supporters in a tweet and saying that he refuses to attend Joe’s inauguration inciting violence? Nothing wrong with those tweets at all and nothing dangerous about them.

Trump supporters been disrespected since the 2016’s elections and Trump has had our back since then. He still has our back now and was only trying to defend us.

Yeah, I’m a Trump supporter and quite proud of it.

Nothing wrong with Trump’s tweet about Joe’s inauguration either ’cause Joe simply doesn’t deserve Trump’s attention and time of day, he got suspended for that really???

Ya know, social media’s been trying to ban Trump permanently for a long time and they’ve been dying to do it… and here they are. They finally did it. I think they did it ’cause not because Trump incites violence like they accuse him of, they did it hoping he step down from the presidency shortly before Joe’s inauguration. Trump getting kicked off of social media before Jan. 20th is pretty questionable.

Anyway, I’m done with twitter for good ’cause it sucked anyways. I mean, twitter is a cesspool of pedophiles to begin with. They’re more worried about conservatives and Trump supporters, yet they allow pedos on that platform? Fuck twitter. To hell with it.

I’m gonna make my way on Parler and possibly GAB this weekend. I’ll sign up for those tomorrow.

I remember twitter used to be fun but it’s absolute garbage now. I’m hanging on FB and instagram for now.


Tedra Cobb hid her liberal-views so she can get votes for Congress in NY District 21… don’t trust her, y’all… she’s a liar like the rest of em…

Tedra Cobb is a favorite to win the Congress seat for the NY District 21. In my home town of Greenwich, I see Tedra Cobb For Congress signs all over. When Sara Idleman ran for Congress NY21, she stepped down and now Tedra Cobb steps in. Cobb won the nomination not too long ago and she’ll be facing against Elise Stefanik who is the incumbent in Nov.

Publicly, Cobb claims to have a bipartisan and independent voice but in reality she’s a die-hard liberal like the rest of ’em. She was just caught trying to hide her liberal views. How? A video going around out there where she was caught saying she wants assault weapons banned in the US and then she admits she can’t say that publicly ’cause she’ll lose the election in Nov.


This kind of reminds me of how Sara Idleman tried to run for Congress to get votes but she stepped down as soon as Dylan Ratigan joined the race. Idleman claimed to be supportive of bipartisan views and she tried to get people to believe that Republicans supported her on some things but you know it’s a lie. She’s a die-hard liberal just like Tedra Cobb is.

Some of these politicians would do anything to get votes and this is what these ladies are doing. Hiding their real views to get votes. Tricking the public and deceiving people. Deception is the word I’m looking for.

I know I’m no Sara Idleman fan, I’ve been calling her out for a long while but I would say Tedra Cobb is 10x’s worse than her.

Welp, you don’t have to worry about Cobb getting elected for NY 21 ’cause it’s never gonna happen now. Cobb just lost the election already. I’m tired of the local news and my hometown of Greenwich trying to ram Cobb down our throats.

The local news like the Post Star, The Times Union and local TV news are desperately trying to get Cobb elected. The Post Star’s “no lie to the paper” pledge is such a joke, it’s not even funny. I know both Cobb and Stefanik accepted the “no lie to the paper” pledge but don’t trust Cobb, y’all. After Cobb got caught saying she wants assault weapons banned, she’s the last person you want to trust. I think Cobb will continue to lie, lie, lie, etc.

Look… I know Stefanik isn’t the greatest. She’s sometimes good and sometimes she’s not so don’t accuse me of being a die-hard Stefanik supporter. I know she’s a RINO but I can deal with her than dealing with more corrupted Democrats so I’m still gonna vote for Stefanik anyways. I will NEVER vote Democrat again. I’ll be voting all red in Nov. I hate to take sides like this but it’s the best thing for me to do. The Democrat party is awful right now.



Matt Drudge says biggest revelation of Hillary Benghazi hearing was how bad her health looked… I agree…

Matt Drudge who is the founder & journalist of the Drudge Report says the biggest revelation of the Hillary Benghazi hearing yesterday wasn’t just Hillary’s video lie… the biggest revelation was how bad her health looked. Her bad health was also exposed and I agree. She didn’t look too good at all and the mainstream media, of course ignores that. Mainstream media declares that Hillary did well? Seriously?

Look at the video below where Hillary was caught on camera coughing, patting her chest, clearing her throat and grabbing her pills.

So let me get this straight… she’s running for president while not in good health? This is nothing new ’cause she hasn’t been in good health for a long while now.

Remember she suffered a concussion after she fainted and fell, hit her head on concrete about a month after the Benghazi attacks happened?


You think she could take the White House for a full 8 years with the condition that she’s in? Before the Benghazi hearing yesterday, she never went public with her health problems and I think it’s confirmed that there is something indeed wrong with her.

This cunt of a woman is not fit for president. That’s why all of her answers were prepared yesterday. They were all written down in that book and she was reading all the answers off of paper and they say she did a good job?


Rep. Jim Jordan exposed Hillary’s big “video” lie…


You want proof that Hillary lied about Benghazi? Well, here ya go. Finally. Thanks to Rep. Jim Jordan who is a real hero today! He destroyed Hillary, big time! Exposed her big lie on the Benghazi youtube video.

Hillary knew beforehand that the Benghazi attack was planned and not a protest.

As you can see, Hillary’s writing skills is really bad. She misspelled, “You’re”. She also knew that the group that attacked the Benghazi compound may have been affiliated with Al-Qaeda, she was probably referring to Al-Sharia.

The reason why she is running for “president” to begin with is ’cause she’s using her “president” run as her shield from Benghazi, that’s how she’s being protected.

It’s real sad that Elijah Cummings and the Democrats have to worry about how much money Trey spends over this when Obama spends billions training ISIS, Obama spends millions on his vacations & golf trips and all that stuff. Libtards wanna complain about tax payer money being wasted on Benghazi when they should think about how much 4 deaths would cost. $4 million being spent on Benghazi investigation really isn’t a lot of money technically.


This Benghazi hearing with Hillary is better than pay per view as I expected, entertaining as hell!!!

As I just finished watching the 1st round of Benghazi hearing with Hillary, I expected this was to be entertaining as hell. I expected it’s gonna turn out to be a circus and it was.

It’s no surprise to me that Hillary was gonna do nothing but lie her head off and defended herself most of the time aka playing innocent victim but they got her to admit a few things at least. For example, she admitted that she never gave Ambassador Stevens her personal e-mail address. She also admitted that she read all of Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mails but didn’t read all 600 requests of more security.

Most of the Congress people were pretty weak on her when questioning except for Rep. Westmoreland and Rep. Jones. Both of those guys got pretty tough and aggressive on her. While they got pretty tough, Hillary did nothing but “smirk”. Rep. Jim Jordan destroyed Hillary on her Benghazi video claim that had no evidence which got entertaining.

Hillary did nothing but smile throughout the questioning. Kept that smile up until Trey Gowdy started questioning her and he predictably wiped that smile off her face. See? I told ya, Trey Gowdy is one tough dude. He doesn’t put up shit with anybody.

Trey Gowdy was gonna announce they were gonna go to break but Elijah Cummings cut him off and continued to defend Hillary. Elijah kept accusing Trey of using the Committee to bring Hillary down while Gowdy keeps saying that he put the Committee together to get answers for the victims families. Before the break, Gowdy and Cummings got into a huge shouting match together. They were yelling and screaming. WOW. I’m sure that part will land on youtube at some point and I’ll post it when it does.

It’s no surprise to me that this hearing is gonna get heated. The hearing isn’t over yet, folks. This is only Round 1. They’ll be back for Round 2 when they get done with recess. I’m sure it’ll get even more heated later. This is a blast to watch, though.

It’s just amazing to me how Hillary can look at them dead in the eye and lie to them about everything. That woman is very evil. Elijah and the Democrats wants to believe that woman is undefeatable. They’re obviously obsessed with her and want to protect her every step of the way. Hillary had to promote her stupid book, “Hard Choices” this morning as she just brought it up once. Seriously, you want this egotistical cunt in the White House?

She claims she was friends with Ambassador Stevens and did nothing to save him? Seriously? Shame on you braindead Hillary supporters!

What will it take to defeat the Clintons? It’s ridiculous how they have so much power. On with Round 2 a little later.


I don’t need a poll to tell me that the GOP has become horrible lately…

I can see why Donald Trump threatened to run as president as an independent ’cause the GOP party has gone to shit lately. I don’t need a poll to tell me that either. It’s easy to see how bad the GOP have gotten lately. The GOP used to be good and they used to be respected but many Republicans/Conservatives have already turned their backs on their own party. The GOP in Congress has become hated by everyone. Not just hated by the left, the GOP is hated by the right too.


I wouldn’t necessarily blame the destruction of the GOP on Donald Trump ’cause it’s unfair to blame it on him. All the Donald is trying to do is expose how corrupt and broken the GOP is. Trump is doing a good job of that too.

If Trump wants to run as an independent or go third party, it’s a good idea. It’s a bad idea to line yourself up with corrupt GOP politicians like Boehner, McConnell, etc. Instead of fighting back at Obama’s lawlessness like we elected them for, they help Obama instead. Helping Obama become more powerful and stronger. This is why most of us are fed up with our own party.

See y’all? We’re not on one side at all. We’re not afraid to be realistic on our own party. Why won’t the left do the same?

I now see myself as an “independent”. I don’t see myself as a Republican anymore. I’m not a Democrat either and never will be. Both parties suck ass.


Darrell Issa tries to crash Trey Gowdy’s closed doors Benghazi meeting but was thrown out…

Today, Trey Gowdy is holding a private meeting with Sidney Blumenthal for the Benghazi Select Committee but Darrell Issa tried to crash the meeting for whatever reason. Trey Gowdy wasn’t putting up with it and said to him that this meeting is private. Darrell was escorted by Gowdy himself and Darrell was told to leave. As Darrell stormed off down the hallway, he threw an empty soda can into the trashcan.


Something tells me that Darrell is one of those RINOS trying to stop the Benghazi investigation. Is Trey Gowdy getting too close to the truth now that he finally got Blumenthal in front of him? Who sent Darrell out there to crash the meeting? Obama, I bet. Blumenthal is one of the key witnesses of the Benghazi attack. I think a certain someone is getting nervous that Blumenthal is getting interviewed so this person (Obama) sent Darrell out to distract Gowdy.


Obama fails to get TPP Fast Track bill passed through the House… another Obama smackdown!!!!

Obama may have tried to go to Capitol Hill to try and talk the Dems out of voting down on his TPP Fast Track but it didn’t work. They voted “nay” anyway. Which is a good thing that they didn’t listen to Obama’s shit.

I’m not a big fan of the Washington Post at all but since they broke the story, here ya go:


Seriously, I commend the Dems for this even though I still think the Dems are still corrupted but the Dems finally got my approval for once. The Dems finally get a taste of Obama’s less-transparency. We’ve been trying to warn them about Obama’s “less-transparency” for years but nope, all they did was ignored us and called us a bunch of “right-wing conspiracy theorists”. Now they finally know what it’s like to experience Obama’s secrecy.

Shame on the Republicans for agreeing with the TPP. Ya know, I think the Republicans would have been against it too but I think the Obama admin. tricked them into thinking that the TPP Fast track bill was gonna help the country and the GOP fell for it. It’s a good thing that the Dems didn’t fall for it, though.

Once again, Obama just have to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him. He’s not god or anything, ya know? The Dems finally woke up this time. Hopefully they’ll start to realize that Obama wasn’t the president they were hoping to be.

Fuck the GOP, though. They’ve been siding with Obama on everything lately, WTF???


Breitbart: Why Harry Reid’s exercising accident story doesn’t add up…

Read this article in the link here:


This article explains perfectly on how Harry Reid’s “exercising accident” is complete bullshit. Anybody with half a brain would know that Harry’s accident is bullshit. Don’t be so fucking naive all the time, people. STOP believing everything that the media tells you.

If you look at news such as CNN and the Washington Post as a credible source of news then I feel sorry for you.

Harry is indeed being secretive about something and there’s no doubt in my mind that someone or more than one person gave him a pretty good beating. Either that or was it during BDSM? Either way, he is keeping something from the public.


Is Hillary Clinton a war monger??? It seems so… and doesn’t surprise me…

Hillary tried to start a war against Libya and tried to urge Obama to declare war against the country but instead Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power and was executed. Was this what the Obama administration and Hillary tried to cover up over the past few years ’cause Hillary was gonna declare war against Libya? Is this what sparked the attacks that left 4 of our Americans dead????

Finally, some info is starting to come out of Benghazi and it’s about time. When Trey Gowdy himself gets this info out there, this could destroy Hillary’s political life and her reputation.


The sad part of all this is that libtards looked up to Hillary as if she’s a hero or a rock star or something. Will they turn their back on her when this info gets out? Will all the Dems in Congress turn on her? Libtards hated Bush for being a war monger and I wonder if they’ll feel the same for Hillary?

Look like she’s gonna be done, guys. This should be good enough to get Hillary indicted. Obama should get charged with treason as well ’cause only Congress can declare war on a country.

When this info gets out there, this could be big news all over the media but will the media turn on Hillary as well? We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m sure Trey is gonna have a public hearing about these tapes ’cause America needs to know what kind of woman Hillary really is. She’s not the hero that everyone wants to believe. She’s an evil bitch who should be locked up. I hope Trey will finally expose her for what she really is.

It’s coming, America. Be ready for this!!!