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I’m happy that Speaker Boehner is finally doing something about Obama but why is he so afraid of impeaching him???

It’s great news to hear that Speaker Boehner is finally doing something about Obama but a lawsuit is not good enough. A lawsuit is pretty cowardly and weak, in my opinion. I still don’t trust Boehner ’cause I think he knows more about Obama’s crimes and scandals better than anybody. I’m starting to think that Boehner is on the move as a way to help get him re-elected as House Speaker. A lawsuit won’t solve anything ’cause Obama’s gonna do whatever it takes to win the dismissal anyway. Obama is gonna get himself a good lawyer. I’ll ask again, why is Boehner so afraid of impeaching him? Somehow this is his little trick of protecting him even more.



Like I said before when Trey Gowdy speaks, you listen!!!

The IRS Commish John Koskinen isn’t making any friends in Congress ain’t he??? This is just another reason to show you why Trey Gowdy was picked to lead the Benghazi investigation. Trey Gowdy doesn’t fuck around!!!

You can see that Mr. Koskinen was smiling in the beginning of the video but Trey wipes his smile off his face toward the middle of it.

Koskinen claims that no crime have been committed here and Trey is trying to bring up a point that how does he know whether or not he is breaking the law? If no crime have been committed then why did they have to go destroy Lois Lerner’s hard drive??? If they wanted to prove their innocence they could have brought their hard drive or computer to show Congress. Something must be up if they destroyed the hard drive and I believe — this is just my observation now — that Obama ordered Lois to destroy the hard drive ’cause there’s too much information on it that would expose Obama ordering the IRS targeting conservatives.

Gotta love how Mr. Koskinen blames the White House and Congress for the conspiracy of the e-mails. As you can see that pissed Trey off. You don’t mess with Trey. He’s a pretty tough dude and don’t take any shit from anyone!

Trey is one of the few good ones in Congress. He’s my favorite!


Paul Ryan rips into IRS Commissioner about missing Lois Lerner e-mails…

I’m not a big fan of Paul Ryan but what he did here was good stuff. The IRS Commissioner is just another lying snake protecting Obama. I bet Lois Lerner’s hard drive wasn’t destroyed at all and locked away in a secret spot. What’s new with Obama? He has a whole gang of people covering for him. Damn. Barack must go through a lot of work to get all of these people to cover for his crimes and scandals. Nothing will come out of this just like nothing will come out of all other his other crimes and scandals. Just proves even more that Barack is guilty of everything.

I wonder if Barry O’ will capture the top suspects of the IRS targeting and make a bunch of claims that he’s gonna get to the bottom of the IRS crime. I’m being a smartass, yeah, I know.




Republicans promise Benghazi investigation will not be a circus…

While the Republicans are making plans on how the Benghazi investigation is gonna start, they promise that the investigation is not gonna be a circus. They promise that the investigation will NOT be a Republican vs. Democrat war. They promise that both sides will seek the full truth of Benghazi so it’s looking like that the Dems will cooperate after all.

While that’s good news to hear, I still don’t trust Elijah Cummings. That guy is a liar and a criminal… he’s a piece of work for sure so I have a feeling he’s still gonna give Trey Gowdy a hard time.

The left maybe planning to seek the truth too but they’re truth maybe slightly different than the right, though. I don’t think so. I think both sides are gonna come up with the same conclusion.

Here’s hoping this will be a peaceful investigation without any fights, arguments and drama at Capitol Hill. I am confident they will do a good job. I hope the Dems will be honest even if it turns out that Barack and Hillary were totally responsible.



Trey Gowdy is officially chairman of “Benghazi” select committee…

Speaker John Boehner announced today that he has officially chosen, congressman Trey Gowdy to be the leading chairman of the Benghazi, Select Committee investigations.

See his announcement here:


I’ve said it before that Trey Gowdy is the best man for the job and I commend Boehner for picking him. Why is Gowdy the best guy to lead the investigations? Well for one Gowdy is absolutely fearless. He’s confident. He’s not afraid of honesty at all and the guy can get pretty brutal in the House. He’s good at getting the truth out of people. While I’m not a big fan of most people in Congress, Trey Gowdy is one of the best congressmen in the House.

Like I said once before, if there’s someone that will get the truth behind Benghazi… it should be Trey.

We really need to get to the bottom of Benghazi so those 4 can get their justices and their families can get the answers… then we can move on from Benghazi once it’s all over and done with.

It’s pretty insane that liberals/democrats don’t care. In facebook, I had a debate about Benghazi this morning against the liberals. I wanted to see how they would react to my thoughts on Benghazi and sure enough… liberals expressed they don’t really care. They had a lot of hateful things to say about it… blaming Bush, right-wingers, etc. Pretty stupid. I’ll never do that again.

When it comes to Benghazi, it shouldn’t be about who is left and right. It’s about the American people overall. That’s what the left can’t understand. Benghazi shouldn’t be treated as a football team and it’s disrespectful to those 4 victims.

Like I said, the reason liberals are upset ’cause they are scared of Obama going to jail. They don’t want it to happen to him so they defend him no matter the situation.

If liberals don’t care… who cares. Fuck all of them. Republicans/right-wingers are going forward with the investigation with or without ’em.

I think House Republicans will be successful at getting the truth out of Benghazi. It may take a long time and there will be a lot of truth to dig out but whatever it takes.

I can’t wait ’til the day when it’s proven that Obama did want Ambassador Stevens dead. The truth will come out. It always does.

I support Trey Gowdy, 100% and wish him good luck.


Congrats Trey Gowdy!!!! My new hero in Congress!!!!

The House of Reps. just passed a law called “Enforce the Law Act”, an act where it makes it easier to sue a sitting president.


While I’m happy that Trey Gowdy and the House did something right for a change, good luck on getting this law passed through the Senate and getting it out to the president. With a Democrat/liberal controlled Senate it’s going to be tough to get passed through there and I’m 100% sure Obama is gonna get this law veto’ed anyway but I applaud them for trying and fighting on, though.

Come on guys, be realistic and wake the fuck up. President Obama thinks he can do whatever he wants with the law and the Constitution. If we had tougher laws in government and people enforcing them, then Obama would have been impeached and thrown in prison a long time ago. If the US government would be enforcing the laws more, then the truth behind Benghazi and Operation: F&F wouldn’t have stayed silent for this long.

You guys do realize that it’s against the law to help cover-up crimes and not tell anyone else who is responsible for committing them? That’s why our government as a whole is corrupt. People in government are trying to protect Obama and his administration. Obama hasn’t been impeached yet ’cause Boehner the House Speaker is protecting him too.

Our government is completely broken and Trey Gowdy is one of the very few who is trying to fix everything. If you think there is nothing wrong with this administration, you need to get yourself checked out at a mental institution.


Don’t be surprised if it turns out that Obama was stalking Miriam Carey!!!

Miriam Carey may have been mentally ill but she could be right that President Obama could have been stalking her. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be real that Obama tried to have an affair with her and you shouldn’t be either. Remember, a few years ago of Obama’s rumored affair with a young woman named, Vera Baker? Look it up yourself. It’s turning out that this could be the reason why Miriam did what she did. She tried to crash into the White House in retaliation? Maybe some kind of warning? Obama has a history of stalking every American electronically and maybe this was in response to his illegal wiretapping? Be on the look out for more affair rumors. If they find that President Obama have sent text messages, e-mails or phone calls to this Miriam woman — then Obama could be in a lot of trouble.

This is the 4th day of government shutdown and I’ve read somewhere that Obama went to get take-out lunch. Obama hasn’t yet responded to the Miriam Carey incident either.

Hope you enjoyed that sandwich, Barack. What’s next? Golf? Another vacation to Martha’s Vineyard?


About the Capitol Hill car chase and shootings…

Today, a tragic incident happened in D.C. I didn’t hear about it yet ’cause I was gone most of the day. I went to the mall for the day and didn’t hear about the Capitol Hill tragedy until I got home earlier this evening.

A young woman named Miriam Carey who is 34 (she was black too) crashed her car into the White House barricade and police chased her through Pennsylvannia Avenue where Congress was in session. Police did a lot of shooting and shot the woman dead in her car with her child in it.

Wow! Un-fucking-believable! First the Navy Yard shooter and now this happened!

While I agree that it was wrong for this woman to resist the police after crashing into the White House barricade… it was wrong for the police to kill this woman. I’m actually with everybody on the internet on this one. They could have easily stopped the car and arrested her! Not shoot her dead with a child in a car. Is this police brutality? I would definitely say so! This poor child is going to live with this and that’s what sad about it.

I don’t know if this woman intentionally tried to crash into the White House as if it’s her way of protesting the government but these things will happen more and more if our government doesn’t straighten up. These things will get worse in D.C., trust me, folks. You can betcha Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will get themselves into this since a black person was involved.

We’re in our third day of Government shutdown and it’s all because of that asshole Harry Reid and Obama himself had a huge hand in the shutdown. They’re trying to save their precious Obamacare, that’s why they did it. Obama hasn’t negotiated yet and don’t expect him too.

Welcome to America, folks!


Report: Billy Corgan fighting to get paid by radiostations that play Smashing Pumpkins music…

Smashing Pumpkins, frontman, Billy Corgan is in court, testifying on Capitol Hill on the House Judiciary Committee. Lobbying for rights that artists should get paid when their songs are being played on the radio. You can see a picture of Billy in court in this article, he doesn’t look too happy either.

Variety Reports:


I agree that music artists should get paid when their stuff is being used whether it be for TV or radio, whatever. It’s their work. They work hard for it. They deserve to be respected back.

It’s not about being obsessed with money, it’s about respecting the hard work they do in their music.

I hope the musicians win this battle. They deserve to get paid when their music is played on radio.