Like I said before when Trey Gowdy speaks, you listen!!!

The IRS Commish John Koskinen isn’t making any friends in Congress ain’t he??? This is just another reason to show you why Trey Gowdy was picked to lead the Benghazi investigation. Trey Gowdy doesn’t fuck around!!!

You can see that Mr. Koskinen was smiling in the beginning of the video but Trey wipes his smile off his face toward the middle of it.

Koskinen claims that no crime have been committed here and Trey is trying to bring up a point that how does he know whether or not he is breaking the law? If no crime have been committed then why did they have to go destroy Lois Lerner’s hard drive??? If they wanted to prove their innocence they could have brought their hard drive or computer to show Congress. Something must be up if they destroyed the hard drive and I believe — this is just my observation now — that Obama ordered Lois to destroy the hard drive ’cause there’s too much information on it that would expose Obama ordering the IRS targeting conservatives.

Gotta love how Mr. Koskinen blames the White House and Congress for the conspiracy of the e-mails. As you can see that pissed Trey off. You don’t mess with Trey. He’s a pretty tough dude and don’t take any shit from anyone!

Trey is one of the few good ones in Congress. He’s my favorite!


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