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Liberals are already calling the IRS commissioner impeachment filings by the House a witch hunt… pathetic…

So let me get this straight… each time a Republican led House goes after somebody in the Obama admin or a liberal political figure… they get called a “witch hunt” by libtards? Are liberals really this one sided? They can’t see how criminal these left-wing politicians are?

Just wait until the House suddenly files impeachment on Barack Obama whenever it does. If you think liberals protecting Hillary Clinton is bad, Barack Obama would be a lot worse. Liberals would be crying, “Free Obama” just like they’re going “Free Hillary” right now. It’s all pathetic really.

When somebody goes against someone in the Obama administration out of love for America, they’ll get a liberal backlash. Which proves even more that liberals really are anti-America. When somebody does something out of love for America, that’s what liberals hate. If Barack Obama ever starts getting impeachment proceedings that’s when things will get a lot worse for sure. Liberals will always believe that left-wing politicians are innocent no matter the situation. That’s part of why most of us are getting fed up with liberals. I believe that liberals are just way too loyal to their team, obviously. That’s what’s going on here, I think. Liberals won’t be honest with their own party at all, it’s just sickening really. They have to protect everything “liberal”, that’s what it is.

Uggggghhh… just wait until Donald Trump gets elected, liberals will do everything they can to impeach him for sure. That’s how one-sided these dumbasses are.


Maybe there is hope for America after all, House Oversight moves to impeach IRS commissioner… maybe Obama’s next???

This is long overdue but about freakin’ time some action is being done about this corrupted government. House Oversight Committee just introduced a resolution to impeach the IRS Commissioner Josh Koskinen, thanks to Jason Chaffetz.


Hopefully Obama and the rest of his administration will be next. Sure, there’s a few months left of Obama’s 2nd term but what if he doesn’t leave office and extends his presidency? There’s still time to impeach him. Doesn’t matter how much time he has left. Obama needs to be punished too, he isn’t above the law.

If the DOJ won’t charge Lois Lerner, how about do something about the IRS Commissioner, hey?

Get ’em all out.


Ben Carson is getting my respect more & more… this is good stuff!

Ben Carson is now going after the IRS and CAIR which is awesome. CAIR called for Carson to step down from the race and now Carson is retaliating.


Like I said if Ben Carson happens to win the nomination instead of Donald Trump, Carson will get my vote.




Obama can’t take criticism of any kind, he’ll go after you if you’re against him…

If you tell any kind of truth about Obama or tried to make him look bad in anyway, he’ll destroy you. He has already done that to so many people in the past. He could have you murdered, thrown in jail, audited by the IRS or whatever he decides to give you. He could do that stuff to me anytime he wants.


My question is if Obama is not man enough to take any criticism of any kind then why the fuck did he become president? When you’re president you have to be man enough to take criticism. If you can’t take any of it, then becoming president isn’t for you. I mean, Obama censored and controlled the media… the media’s job under Obama is to make him look good. That’s why so many people still blindly support him.

If you know too much about Obama’s secrets, he could have you killed and he could put your life in danger.

When will the American people wake up and realize that Obama is nothing but a very scary and dangerous man? He’s a piece of garbage who needs to be locked up and deported back to Kenya. Obama is such a baby and such a coward.

Liberals won’t care, though, they’ll applaud him for going after his enemies. *rolls eyes*


Wayne Allyn Root proves that he was audited by the IRS and also proves Obama & Democrat party responsible…

Wow! This is a bombshell for sure and Wayne Allyn Root has a lot of balls for this! This is Wayne who is Obama’s Columbia University classmate exposing Obama in a big way. Wayne is already creating controversy as he puts this out there. Wayne was allowed to do this due to given permission by the Judicial Watch thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

Read this article from top to bottom and pay attention:


The only reason he got audited by Obama ’cause he’s one of Obama’s enemies. Obama can’t take criticism by people of any kind and this is what he does. Attacks people for telling the truth about Obama’s shady presidency.

This is good enough proof that Obama and the democrat party are behind the IRS scandals. I’ve been trying to tell everybody this that Obama was behind it but everybody laughed at my face. Of course, liberals aren’t gonna believe this. They’re just gonna hate on Wayne for exposing their poor Obama. That’s the world of liberalism folks. They’ll hate anyone that hate Obama and it’s making me sick.

You shouldn’t have found this a surprise though. I’m pretty sure Obama is behind every scandal that is out there as well: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the VA Scandal, he’s behind ISIS/ISIL, the NSA spying, etc. He’s behind it all.

Obama is a monster.

Now that Wayne blew the whistle on Obama, he better lay low, stay out in hiding and be under security. His life could be in danger now since he exposed Obama in a big way. Obama doesn’t like people leaking stuff about him. When stuff like that happens, they end up dead the next few days.

Wake the fuck up, America!


Obama & Holder finally caught in IRS scandal but it doesn’t surprise me…

This would have been a huge breaking news story if the mainstream news media wasn’t so liberal bias. Conservatives like Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry gets indictments but I’m sure Obama & Holder will get nothing. Are libtards gonna hate Forbes now for doing some honest reporting on the Obama administration? Are libtards gonna call this writer a conspiracy theorist or a racist???



Rev. Al Sharpton owes millions in taxes, will he get arrested for tax evasion???

While the left-wing media is hailing Rev. Al Sharpton as a civil rights hero, the one thing that the mainstream media is not talking about is that Sharpton owes millions in taxes.


Notice how this story isn’t a breaking news story when it should be? You don’t see Sharpton owing taxes being reported in the major news outlets such as NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS. When those networks report stuff about Rev. Al Sharpton, they would be reporting about his activism work in Ferguson instead of this.

Will Rev. Al Sharpton get prison time for his taxes??? Probably not. He’ll continue to lie and protect himself. He will also have his buddies Jesse Jackson and Obama cover for him. He won’t go to jail ’cause Rev. Al Sharpton has way too much support from the black community. He’ll get nothing. They can’t lose good ol’ Al ’cause they need him. They know they can’t win over this Michael Brown stuff without him. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep him out of jail sadly.


Want more proof that this administration hates conservatives??? Check this out…

Ouch!!! Lois Lerner caught saying hateful things about conservatives! It’s getting closer to the fact that the only reason that this administration targeted conservatives through the IRS is because they simply hate them. That’s the kind of things that conservatives have to go through lately. We have to put up with all kinds of nasty hatred by the left. The left can’t respect that freedom of speech works both ways. What if conservatives tried to target liberals through the IRS? Conservatives would probably get arrested for that right away.

Obama can’t take the criticism from us conservatives so he targets them through the IRS. Prison for Lois Lerner and the rest of this administration… Obama himself needs to be held accountable for this.

If you want another example of us conservatives being fed up with liberals… this is a perfect example. Right-wing freedom of speech is just about dead here.



Like I said before when Trey Gowdy speaks, you listen!!!

The IRS Commish John Koskinen isn’t making any friends in Congress ain’t he??? This is just another reason to show you why Trey Gowdy was picked to lead the Benghazi investigation. Trey Gowdy doesn’t fuck around!!!

You can see that Mr. Koskinen was smiling in the beginning of the video but Trey wipes his smile off his face toward the middle of it.

Koskinen claims that no crime have been committed here and Trey is trying to bring up a point that how does he know whether or not he is breaking the law? If no crime have been committed then why did they have to go destroy Lois Lerner’s hard drive??? If they wanted to prove their innocence they could have brought their hard drive or computer to show Congress. Something must be up if they destroyed the hard drive and I believe — this is just my observation now — that Obama ordered Lois to destroy the hard drive ’cause there’s too much information on it that would expose Obama ordering the IRS targeting conservatives.

Gotta love how Mr. Koskinen blames the White House and Congress for the conspiracy of the e-mails. As you can see that pissed Trey off. You don’t mess with Trey. He’s a pretty tough dude and don’t take any shit from anyone!

Trey is one of the few good ones in Congress. He’s my favorite!


Paul Ryan rips into IRS Commissioner about missing Lois Lerner e-mails…

I’m not a big fan of Paul Ryan but what he did here was good stuff. The IRS Commissioner is just another lying snake protecting Obama. I bet Lois Lerner’s hard drive wasn’t destroyed at all and locked away in a secret spot. What’s new with Obama? He has a whole gang of people covering for him. Damn. Barack must go through a lot of work to get all of these people to cover for his crimes and scandals. Nothing will come out of this just like nothing will come out of all other his other crimes and scandals. Just proves even more that Barack is guilty of everything.

I wonder if Barry O’ will capture the top suspects of the IRS targeting and make a bunch of claims that he’s gonna get to the bottom of the IRS crime. I’m being a smartass, yeah, I know.