Wayne Allyn Root proves that he was audited by the IRS and also proves Obama & Democrat party responsible…

Wow! This is a bombshell for sure and Wayne Allyn Root has a lot of balls for this! This is Wayne who is Obama’s Columbia University classmate exposing Obama in a big way. Wayne is already creating controversy as he puts this out there. Wayne was allowed to do this due to given permission by the Judicial Watch thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

Read this article from top to bottom and pay attention:


The only reason he got audited by Obama ’cause he’s one of Obama’s enemies. Obama can’t take criticism by people of any kind and this is what he does. Attacks people for telling the truth about Obama’s shady presidency.

This is good enough proof that Obama and the democrat party are behind the IRS scandals. I’ve been trying to tell everybody this that Obama was behind it but everybody laughed at my face. Of course, liberals aren’t gonna believe this. They’re just gonna hate on Wayne for exposing their poor Obama. That’s the world of liberalism folks. They’ll hate anyone that hate Obama and it’s making me sick.

You shouldn’t have found this a surprise though. I’m pretty sure Obama is behind every scandal that is out there as well: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the VA Scandal, he’s behind ISIS/ISIL, the NSA spying, etc. He’s behind it all.

Obama is a monster.

Now that Wayne blew the whistle on Obama, he better lay low, stay out in hiding and be under security. His life could be in danger now since he exposed Obama in a big way. Obama doesn’t like people leaking stuff about him. When stuff like that happens, they end up dead the next few days.

Wake the fuck up, America!


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