I’ve noticed I’ve been listening to a lot of progressive rock music lately…

I’ve noticed I’ve been buying a lot of music from progressive rock bands such as Dream Theater, Queensryche, Yes and others. That’s probably because I’ve always been a big fan of prog rock music. I’m also big fan of prog rock bands such as Rush and Jethro Tull.

Why do I like prog? It’s because I like experimental songwriting.

If you’ve noticed with my own original songwriting, a lot of it’s prog rock influenced. If I ever form a band that’s the kind of music I plan on playing… That experimental prog rock. Songs that can go on for as long as 9 – 10 minutes or longer.

I love prog rock more than anything ’cause that’s where all the great guitar playing and musicianship is.

When I make a full band rock album, this is the kind of music that will be on it. I just love prog rock, man. That’s where all the real talent is.

That’s why I’m trying to improve my own guitar playing and musicianship so I can play this kind of experimental music on my own.

While I listen to all sorts of music and try to listen to everything else, I prefer to listen to prog rock and metal than anything, though. It’s just who I am. I’m a rock n’ roll kind of guy.

People would look at me and assume that I am into country or folk but then they would be shocked that I am actually into rock & metal. I’ve always been into rock & metal ever since I was a kid. Twisted Sister was one of the first metal bands that I fell in love with when I was a kid. My love for metal never stopped.

I was late picking up the guitar though. I started when I was 18. My very first guitar was a piece of shit classical guitar that I bought off a bookstore owner who I took lessons with.

I’ve been mostly an acoustic player my whole life but I really wanna focus on mostly electric so I can rock.

I’ve always dug heavy music. I just love good guitar playing.


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