Why I love Apple and I’m a big fan now…

In the past, I used to be against Apple and their products and didn’t want anything to do with Apple until now. Now I love Apple, thanks Steve! A lot of people are still hating on Apple but I don’t know why. At first I was gonna avoid all Apple products but when the Ipad first came out, that’s when I decided to have a change of heart with Apple.

So far, I’ve got the IPad 2 and the IPod Touch. I don’t have an IPhone yet but would like to get one sometime in the near future.

I have no issues with Apple. I just find it interesting on how you can do all these activities with these gadgets. Listen/record music, read books, watch movies/TV shows, make videos, talk to people, etc.

I used to hate Apple but now I’ve admittedly became an addict. Nothing wrong with Apple at all, in my opinion. Like it or not, they are changing the world and making a difference in people’s lives.

Yes, I do like ITunes as well. I bought a lot of music from ITunes and don’t feel any guilt.

People who avoid Apple products just don’t understand them, in my opinion.

Of course, Apple products will no longer be the same now that Steve Jobs is no longer with us but it’s still a great company.

Apple is all cool with me.


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