Why not enough people want answers for Benghazi… just my observation…

The reason not enough people can see how tragic and sad the Benghazi attacks really was is simply because there hasn’t been a lot of news media reporting on it. People have a hard time understanding how dangerous and scary Benghazi was ’cause there was no actual footage of the Benghazi attacks. On the night Benghazi was happening, there was no “Live Breaking News Story” on just like there was on 9/11/01. There is no Benghazi attack footage anywhere… not in the news… not in youtube. There was no news cameras there. Sure, there are photos of the Benghazi attacks through google but that’s because those photos were taken by some of the attackers. I’m sure the terrorists filmed the attacks with their cell phones and there were government drone cameras flying over head so they were definitely filming… it’s just none of the footage made it in the news or on youtube.

So that’s the point of the “13 Hours” novel that just came out. The book was meant to tell people what happened on the ground that day. The book wanted to show people how scary and dangerous that night was. It was a very scary night. Gun fire, explosions, burning buildings, smoke all over the places, lots of screaming and yelling probably. Lets say for example all the destruction that went on in Baltimore is a pretty good example of what may went on in Benghazi.

Maybe if more video footage of the attacks got released, then maybe more people would have woken up about it then?

It really bothers me that liberals don’t care about Benghazi and I still stand by it that the reason is they don’t want their precious Barack and Hillary to get in deep shit for it. Another reason that liberals don’t care about Benghazi is ’cause they are brainwashed by the media like CNN and the NY Times for example. Liberals refuse to allow Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be held accountable over this because they are brainwashed by left-wing media. I don’t know why. They are that delusional and messed up.

You see, with me, I don’t give a fuck on who’s left and who’s right. All should be held accountable for their criminal actions, shouldn’t matter who you are.

They need to show us video footage of the actual attacks and then they can show the left how scary that night was. To those who keep defending Barack and Hillary over Benghazi, I would have liked to see you there that night at the compound. You wouldn’t have liked it at all and I’m sure you would have been scared to death as well. I know I would have been. We haven’t seen actual video footage of the attacks ’cause maybe the Obama administration is hiding them somewhere. Got them locked up in a secret spot.

Just wake up and look at reality. Stop siding with left-wing media and get yourself educated.

Benghazi was a really serious tragedy and it should never be ignored. Anybody who doesn’t care for Benghazi is heartless and a selfish piece of garbage. Wish you could have been there to see what it was like.

They really need to show video footage of the actual attack to show Americans how serious it was so hopefully the Select Committee can get their hands on some.


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