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Can Wayne Allyn Root bring down Obama successfully? I’m praying for him…

If there is someone that can bring down Obama, get him impeached and throw him in jail… that could be Obama’s long time enemy, Wayne Allyn Root. Look like Wayne is gonna testify for the IRS Scandal in Congress pretty soon to prove once and for all that Obama was behind the whole IRS Targeting like I’ve been predicting for a long time now. I try to tell people that Obama is totally behind the IRS Tea Party targeting but nope. You can’t blame anything on your precious Obama no matter the situation. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault. We can’t criticize the president.

That’s what the IRS Targeting was all about. Obama targets his enemies and critics through IRS by getting them audited.


You see, what people can’t seem to understand about Obama he’s a very narcissistic person. He’s obsessed with his own self importance and he pretty much only cares about himself. Anybody that steps in his way or tries to bring him down, you can expect this guy to retaliate in some way. If you double cross him or try to make him look bad… you could either be dead or be in jail. Too many people were killed ’cause they were gonna expose this man such as Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings for example. Obama also had some of his biggest critics arrested and got indictments like Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry for example.

If you read that article and pay attention to what Wayne is saying… Wayne is right that Obama is a bully and I’ve been trying to tell you guys this since 2008. Nope… all you guys did was laugh at my face and defended him no matter the situation. It’s pretty insane that we can’t criticize the president when we should have every right to. When Americans want to criticize the president, liberals will do everything in their power to silence them. I know… I get attacked by liberals everyday. I don’t know why liberals get so obsessed with defending him so much. It be nice if we can be realistic about Obama without getting attacked by stupid libtards for once.

Wayne is also right that liberals are also bullies too.

Hopefully Wayne will be successful at taking down Obama… if he does take him down successfully, then Wayne should be a hero for America. I believe Obama will be brought down before 2017 even gets here. Obama is gonna get busted. Hopefully Wayne can take him down before he becomes Obama’s next mysterious accident victim… Wayne’s life might be in danger now.

I’m tired of stupid liberals defending Obama and acting like there is nothing wrong with him. When is the drama gonna end? Obama critics should be heroes, not enemies. I guess it’s a good thing that liberals attack those who hate on Obama. We should take it as a compliment. Liberals get obsessed with defending Obama ’cause they can’t take the truth. End of story.

Good luck Wayne!


Wayne Allyn Root proves that he was audited by the IRS and also proves Obama & Democrat party responsible…

Wow! This is a bombshell for sure and Wayne Allyn Root has a lot of balls for this! This is Wayne who is Obama’s Columbia University classmate exposing Obama in a big way. Wayne is already creating controversy as he puts this out there. Wayne was allowed to do this due to given permission by the Judicial Watch thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

Read this article from top to bottom and pay attention:


The only reason he got audited by Obama ’cause he’s one of Obama’s enemies. Obama can’t take criticism by people of any kind and this is what he does. Attacks people for telling the truth about Obama’s shady presidency.

This is good enough proof that Obama and the democrat party are behind the IRS scandals. I’ve been trying to tell everybody this that Obama was behind it but everybody laughed at my face. Of course, liberals aren’t gonna believe this. They’re just gonna hate on Wayne for exposing their poor Obama. That’s the world of liberalism folks. They’ll hate anyone that hate Obama and it’s making me sick.

You shouldn’t have found this a surprise though. I’m pretty sure Obama is behind every scandal that is out there as well: Benghazi, Operation F&F, the VA Scandal, he’s behind ISIS/ISIL, the NSA spying, etc. He’s behind it all.

Obama is a monster.

Now that Wayne blew the whistle on Obama, he better lay low, stay out in hiding and be under security. His life could be in danger now since he exposed Obama in a big way. Obama doesn’t like people leaking stuff about him. When stuff like that happens, they end up dead the next few days.

Wake the fuck up, America!


Book Review: “Murder of the Middle Class” by Wayne Allyn Root


Yesterday, I just finished reading Wayne Allyn Root’s latest book, “Murder of the Middle Class”. I have been curious about this book for a while now since the book was being hyped in the world of conservative politics.

There are a lot of anti-Obama and conspiracy theory books out there but this is not one of them. Well, there is quite a lot of Obama bashing in this book and Wayne calls out Obama on a lot of stuff but this book really isn’t about Obama. This book focuses mostly on the economics kind of stuff. Wayne explains in detail of how the economics is getting destroyed in which he calls, “Murder of the Middle Class”.

He explains how and why our economics is such a disaster. He knows what Obama’s plans and goals are ’cause him and Obama go way back. They were college class mates at Columbia University. Even though, these two never met… Wayne studied Obama’s behavior and attitude since then. You know how Obama is known as a liar, fraud, communist, and Marxist that he is today??? Well, Obama wasn’t that much different back in his college years. Obama has always been a liar, fraud ever since his college years, he never changed.

I’m glad I read this book ’cause Wayne woke me up on a lot more stuff about Obama and the economics of this country. He also teaches you how to save yourself from economic disaster and teaches you how to defeat Obamacare and Obama himself.

Anybody who says the economy is in good shape is delusional and lying. If you really believe that the economics is currently good, then you gotta stop reading fake economic reports that the White House sends out. I know the economics is in horrible shape right now and getting worse ’cause why do you think I still don’t have a job??? Even though I’m not working currently still, I still continue to live my life, be happy and do the things I like to do like playing my music, working out in the gym, reading books, watching a good movie or a TV show, etc. Yeah, I still get some help and stuff but that’s because of my scoliosis and “physical” disability and things like that. I’m still am the most conservative person on the planet, though. I do believe in “personal responsibility” ’cause I do take care of myself. I buy my own groceries, I make most of my own meals, I eat healthy, work out in the gym, and live life the way I want to… all that “personal responsibility”. To hell with all the doubters who keep accusing me of being liberal ’cause it’s all bullshit.

I don’t need Obamacare to take care of me ’cause I’m good. Anybody who actually enrolled into Obamacare, be prepared to get your life destroyed and be ready for government control. I’m never signing up for Obamacare no matter what happens. Throw me in jail, tax me, whatever. I’m not signing up even if I had to. Obamacare is a huge part of why this economics and Middle Class is a disaster.

Wayne’s book is worth reading and should be read by every American, be it, either liberal or conservative.

I would give the book a 4.5/5.


Wayne Allyn Root writes an interesting blog about Obama’s days in college…

So you all wonder what Obama’s days in college was like? Was Obama a good guy back then? According to Wayne Allyn Root who is a former college classmate of Barack says, Obama hasn’t changed since his college days. Like I repeatedly said on this blog, Barack has always been a piece of garbage. Once a piece of garbage, always a piece of garbage.

This guy is so right that Obama seems to care about himself more than this country. There are important things that need to be dealt with yet all Obama wants to do is play golf, go on vacations, attend fundraisers, promote Obamacare, etc.

Read this whole article:


Of course, you Obama defenders out there will accuse this guy of being crazy and making things up. Anytime that someone of Obama’s past tells the truth about the man Obama defenders will think he/she is full of shit just like people did with Larry Sinclair and Mia Marie Pope.

Yep, anybody who tells the truth about Obama is a bad person… ooohhhh… I’ll have another rant about that in another post.

Anyway, back to Obama’s past from what I’ve heard from Obama’s college days from Wayne Allyn Root, Larry Sinclair, and Mia Marie Pope… their stories about Obama seem pretty similar so they couldn’t have made it up.

You guys will never admit that Obama is a bad person. He’s not just a bad president, he’s a bad person all-around.


The Donald, wasn’t the only one who begged Obama to release college transcripts/passport documents…

There have been others who begged Obama to release that information. Trump wasn’t the only one. Wayne Allyn Root, one of Obama’s college classmates went all over him about it too.

Read this little note in that video:

Wayne Allyn Root, a classmate of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama at Columbia University, believes Obama is hiding the fact that he was a foreign exchange student at Columbia University and that is why he sealed his college transcripts.
What legitimate reason would Obama have to seal his college transcripts? The only reason a person would seal their records is if they are hiding something. Do we really want a person in the position of President of the United States of America that is hiding something from the American people? We already know that Obama is a pathological liar. It’s time for him to release his college transcripts.

The Bigger Problem:
Obama is in the Oval Office leaking national security secrets for political gain. This is what we know. What other crimes has he committed that will jeopardize our security and freedom?

Obama has spent millions to seal much of his past. He sealed his college transcripts, passport records and birth certificate. The birth certificate he released has been proven by an official government investigation to be a forgery. Obama’s selective service registration card is a forgery and Obama has committed fraud by using a dead man’s social security number.

I believe anyone with access to the above information would be hailed a hero if they released the information. If they released the information, it wouldn’t be considered a crime because Obama doesn’t have a right to sign an executive order to seal all his information. It was an abuse of power to sign this executive order. As American’s we should have access to all documentation pertinent to Obama’s life. He has no right to seal and hide his criminal past by using executive order.