Wayne Allyn Root writes an interesting blog about Obama’s days in college…

So you all wonder what Obama’s days in college was like? Was Obama a good guy back then? According to Wayne Allyn Root who is a former college classmate of Barack says, Obama hasn’t changed since his college days. Like I repeatedly said on this blog, Barack has always been a piece of garbage. Once a piece of garbage, always a piece of garbage.

This guy is so right that Obama seems to care about himself more than this country. There are important things that need to be dealt with yet all Obama wants to do is play golf, go on vacations, attend fundraisers, promote Obamacare, etc.

Read this whole article:


Of course, you Obama defenders out there will accuse this guy of being crazy and making things up. Anytime that someone of Obama’s past tells the truth about the man Obama defenders will think he/she is full of shit just like people did with Larry Sinclair and Mia Marie Pope.

Yep, anybody who tells the truth about Obama is a bad person… ooohhhh… I’ll have another rant about that in another post.

Anyway, back to Obama’s past from what I’ve heard from Obama’s college days from Wayne Allyn Root, Larry Sinclair, and Mia Marie Pope… their stories about Obama seem pretty similar so they couldn’t have made it up.

You guys will never admit that Obama is a bad person. He’s not just a bad president, he’s a bad person all-around.


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