Metallica debuts new song, “The Lords of Summer” at a concert overseas…

Metallica played one of their overseas concerts and they just debut’ed a new song titled, “The Lords of Summer”.

Like usual, every time Metallica puts out new music, they always get mixed reviews. Some love it. Some hate it. For those who hate it, Metallica haters will just hate everything they do. I can’t stand it. Everybody’s been wanting them to go back to thrash metal and that’s exactly what they’ve done in this song. This new song brings back the 80’s thrash metal vibe: the “Ride the Lightning/Master of Puppets” eras.

I can’t understand Metallica critics ’cause they can be pretty weird and very delusional. Fans want them to go back to thrash and heavy stuff. Metallica are doing their best to give what the fans want but of course, they can’t make everybody happy still.

Even if their new album could have Cliff Burton like thrash-metal on it, I’m sure fans will still be shitting on it.

I never listen to Metallica critics or haters. I’ve stayed loyal through everything they’ve done.

I dig the new song and look forward to hearing more new stuff. “The Lords of Summer” kind of sounds like Cliff Burton would have played on it.

Look like Metallica will release their new album pretty soon.


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