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Can Wayne Allyn Root bring down Obama successfully? I’m praying for him…

If there is someone that can bring down Obama, get him impeached and throw him in jail… that could be Obama’s long time enemy, Wayne Allyn Root. Look like Wayne is gonna testify for the IRS Scandal in Congress pretty soon to prove once and for all that Obama was behind the whole IRS Targeting like I’ve been predicting for a long time now. I try to tell people that Obama is totally behind the IRS Tea Party targeting but nope. You can’t blame anything on your precious Obama no matter the situation. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault. We can’t criticize the president.

That’s what the IRS Targeting was all about. Obama targets his enemies and critics through IRS by getting them audited.


You see, what people can’t seem to understand about Obama he’s a very narcissistic person. He’s obsessed with his own self importance and he pretty much only cares about himself. Anybody that steps in his way or tries to bring him down, you can expect this guy to retaliate in some way. If you double cross him or try to make him look bad… you could either be dead or be in jail. Too many people were killed ’cause they were gonna expose this man such as Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings for example. Obama also had some of his biggest critics arrested and got indictments like Dinesh D’ Souza and Gov. Rick Perry for example.

If you read that article and pay attention to what Wayne is saying… Wayne is right that Obama is a bully and I’ve been trying to tell you guys this since 2008. Nope… all you guys did was laugh at my face and defended him no matter the situation. It’s pretty insane that we can’t criticize the president when we should have every right to. When Americans want to criticize the president, liberals will do everything in their power to silence them. I know… I get attacked by liberals everyday. I don’t know why liberals get so obsessed with defending him so much. It be nice if we can be realistic about Obama without getting attacked by stupid libtards for once.

Wayne is also right that liberals are also bullies too.

Hopefully Wayne will be successful at taking down Obama… if he does take him down successfully, then Wayne should be a hero for America. I believe Obama will be brought down before 2017 even gets here. Obama is gonna get busted. Hopefully Wayne can take him down before he becomes Obama’s next mysterious accident victim… Wayne’s life might be in danger now.

I’m tired of stupid liberals defending Obama and acting like there is nothing wrong with him. When is the drama gonna end? Obama critics should be heroes, not enemies. I guess it’s a good thing that liberals attack those who hate on Obama. We should take it as a compliment. Liberals get obsessed with defending Obama ’cause they can’t take the truth. End of story.

Good luck Wayne!


Obama administration finally exposed for IRS targeting…

This is why Lois Lerner wouldn’t talk. She was protecting the DOJ and Obama. That’s why she pleaded the 5th. Surprised?


Look like we’re finally getting to the truth of the IRS scandals. Hopefully, this will get Obama and Holder busted. They need go to jail along with Lerner.

I knew all along that Obama was behind this.