Liberals are already calling the IRS commissioner impeachment filings by the House a witch hunt… pathetic…

So let me get this straight… each time a Republican led House goes after somebody in the Obama admin or a liberal political figure… they get called a “witch hunt” by libtards? Are liberals really this one sided? They can’t see how criminal these left-wing politicians are?

Just wait until the House suddenly files impeachment on Barack Obama whenever it does. If you think liberals protecting Hillary Clinton is bad, Barack Obama would be a lot worse. Liberals would be crying, “Free Obama” just like they’re going “Free Hillary” right now. It’s all pathetic really.

When somebody goes against someone in the Obama administration out of love for America, they’ll get a liberal backlash. Which proves even more that liberals really are anti-America. When somebody does something out of love for America, that’s what liberals hate. If Barack Obama ever starts getting impeachment proceedings that’s when things will get a lot worse for sure. Liberals will always believe that left-wing politicians are innocent no matter the situation. That’s part of why most of us are getting fed up with liberals. I believe that liberals are just way too loyal to their team, obviously. That’s what’s going on here, I think. Liberals won’t be honest with their own party at all, it’s just sickening really. They have to protect everything “liberal”, that’s what it is.

Uggggghhh… just wait until Donald Trump gets elected, liberals will do everything they can to impeach him for sure. That’s how one-sided these dumbasses are.


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