Lindsey Graham and John Kasich bothered by Trump & Carson’s popularity… jealous much are ya???

Man, this is entertaining stuff. Two GOP candidates… Lindsey Graham and John Kasich both seemed to be frustrated and annoyed about the popularaty of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. It seems like they’re blaming their low poll numbers on them. I think these two phonies are just jealous of them, nothing more?

Well John and Lindsey, don’t take it out on other people. It’s your own fault for your low poll numbers ’cause get the hint… nobody really likes you guys. If your poll numbers are shit, why don’t you guys drop out of the race already?

Trump and Carson are doing well ’cause they are saying stuff that the American people wants to hear while Kasich and Graham are just a couple of liberals pretending to be “conservatives”.

That’s what seems to be going on these days when you’re popular, other people will start attacking you out of jealousy.


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