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Lindsey Graham and John Kasich bothered by Trump & Carson’s popularity… jealous much are ya???

Man, this is entertaining stuff. Two GOP candidates… Lindsey Graham and John Kasich both seemed to be frustrated and annoyed about the popularaty of Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. It seems like they’re blaming their low poll numbers on them. I think these two phonies are just jealous of them, nothing more?



Well John and Lindsey, don’t take it out on other people. It’s your own fault for your low poll numbers ’cause get the hint… nobody really likes you guys. If your poll numbers are shit, why don’t you guys drop out of the race already?

Trump and Carson are doing well ’cause they are saying stuff that the American people wants to hear while Kasich and Graham are just a couple of liberals pretending to be “conservatives”.

That’s what seems to be going on these days when you’re popular, other people will start attacking you out of jealousy.


Was watching NBC Nightly news covering Donald Trump’s campaign and it’s laughable but entertaining stuff!

While I was eating my dinner this evening, I was watching NBC Nightly News. I know I said I don’t watch the news anymore and don’t but sometimes I get stuck watching it. They really are trying to destroy Donald Trump. All the media coverage on Trump is just amusing and entertaining. So much liberal bias all over. They kept going on and on and on about how Trump is hogging the spotlight and not giving the other candidates a chance.

They tried to destroy Trump’s comments on illegal immigration, they tried to destroy him about his comments on John McCain and now it’s about Lindsey Graham’s phone number! Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Sure enough, the media once again is saying Trump went out of line for revealing Graham’s phone number.

The way I’m seeing it is that I think Trump is retaliating against Graham for calling Trump a “jackass”. Graham called Trump a “jackass” and Trump is only trying to point out that Graham was friendly with Trump in the past and he was just trying to prove it by revealing his number.

The mainstream media thinks Trump is hogging the spotlight and I’m like what? This is what Donald Trump is supposed to be doing! Speaking his mind and being real so he can attract more votes which is why his polls have gone up but the media can’t stand it. As far as my thoughts on the media getting on Trump over Lindsey Graham goes, it’s just another attempt for the media to try to get Trump to step down from the election. The media is scared of Trump and they’re trying to get him off the election so they can ram Jeb Bush down our throats. Notice how the media is treating Donald Trump negatively but they treat Jeb Bush positively?

Media doesn’t like the Donald hogging the spotlight? It just proves that they’re just jealous of him. Trump is doing well in the election, getting a lot more votes and his polls are surging and everyone is predictably after the guy.

Once again Lindsey Graham started the feud against Trump first by calling him a jackass just like McCain started it by calling conservatives “crazies”. The media and the people don’t like Trump insulting other candidates and other politicians? Well that’s the name of the game in the elections. In every election, that’s what candidates do. For example, during the 2012 elections, Obama and Romney attacked the hell out of each other during the debates. McCain and Obama attacked each other during the 2008 debates too. It’s the name of the game and the media knows it. They’re just desperate in stopping Trump from getting the nomination.

The media can do all they can to destroy the Donald but it’s not working. The more they do it, the bigger and more powerful the Donald is gonna get. Once again, all they’re doing is helping him. Why can’t you get that yet? People can do whatever they can to destroy the Donald but he’s never stepping down from the election.

The sad part about all this is, it’s been proven by the polls that America wants the Donald as president but the media clearly doesn’t care. It seems the media tries to choose the president, why do you think they gave us Barack Obama twice? The people should pick the president, not the media.

Donald Trump is giving these RINO’s HEEEELLLLL and I fucking LOVE IT!!!! GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂