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Matt Drudge says biggest revelation of Hillary Benghazi hearing was how bad her health looked… I agree…

Matt Drudge who is the founder & journalist of the Drudge Report says the biggest revelation of the Hillary Benghazi hearing yesterday wasn’t just Hillary’s video lie… the biggest revelation was how bad her health looked. Her bad health was also exposed and I agree. She didn’t look too good at all and the mainstream media, of course ignores that. Mainstream media declares that Hillary did well? Seriously?

Look at the video below where Hillary was caught on camera coughing, patting her chest, clearing her throat and grabbing her pills.

So let me get this straight… she’s running for president while not in good health? This is nothing new ’cause she hasn’t been in good health for a long while now.

Remember she suffered a concussion after she fainted and fell, hit her head on concrete about a month after the Benghazi attacks happened?


You think she could take the White House for a full 8 years with the condition that she’s in? Before the Benghazi hearing yesterday, she never went public with her health problems and I think it’s confirmed that there is something indeed wrong with her.

This cunt of a woman is not fit for president. That’s why all of her answers were prepared yesterday. They were all written down in that book and she was reading all the answers off of paper and they say she did a good job?


Here’s the Gowdy vs. Cummings shouting match video…

Here it is. The Gowdy vs. Cummings shouting match. Cummings clearly started it ’cause he was the one who started screaming at Trey.

These guys are fighting over the Sidney Blumenthal transcript. You can easily tell that Gowdy is not scared of Cummings at all. Gowdy looked pretty calm throughout this whole video. Why? It’s because Gowdy is a former prosecutor. I’m sure he dealt with a lot of people screaming at him for years so I’m sure he’s used to it. This is from Gowdy’s experience of being a former prosecutor and that’s why he’s the best choice to lead this investigation.

I love how Gowdy warns Cummings that releasing the transcript won’t be a good idea ’cause that’s gonna release the survivors names. Gowdy is also trying to make the point that the Dems only want Blumenthal’s and Cheryl Mills transcript released and not others. Why do the Dems want only Blumenthal’s and Mills transcripts? What would that prove to make Hillary look innocent? Releasing the transcripts would only damage Hillary even more.


This Benghazi hearing with Hillary is better than pay per view as I expected, entertaining as hell!!!

As I just finished watching the 1st round of Benghazi hearing with Hillary, I expected this was to be entertaining as hell. I expected it’s gonna turn out to be a circus and it was.

It’s no surprise to me that Hillary was gonna do nothing but lie her head off and defended herself most of the time aka playing innocent victim but they got her to admit a few things at least. For example, she admitted that she never gave Ambassador Stevens her personal e-mail address. She also admitted that she read all of Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mails but didn’t read all 600 requests of more security.

Most of the Congress people were pretty weak on her when questioning except for Rep. Westmoreland and Rep. Jones. Both of those guys got pretty tough and aggressive on her. While they got pretty tough, Hillary did nothing but “smirk”. Rep. Jim Jordan destroyed Hillary on her Benghazi video claim that had no evidence which got entertaining.

Hillary did nothing but smile throughout the questioning. Kept that smile up until Trey Gowdy started questioning her and he predictably wiped that smile off her face. See? I told ya, Trey Gowdy is one tough dude. He doesn’t put up shit with anybody.

Trey Gowdy was gonna announce they were gonna go to break but Elijah Cummings cut him off and continued to defend Hillary. Elijah kept accusing Trey of using the Committee to bring Hillary down while Gowdy keeps saying that he put the Committee together to get answers for the victims families. Before the break, Gowdy and Cummings got into a huge shouting match together. They were yelling and screaming. WOW. I’m sure that part will land on youtube at some point and I’ll post it when it does.

It’s no surprise to me that this hearing is gonna get heated. The hearing isn’t over yet, folks. This is only Round 1. They’ll be back for Round 2 when they get done with recess. I’m sure it’ll get even more heated later. This is a blast to watch, though.

It’s just amazing to me how Hillary can look at them dead in the eye and lie to them about everything. That woman is very evil. Elijah and the Democrats wants to believe that woman is undefeatable. They’re obviously obsessed with her and want to protect her every step of the way. Hillary had to promote her stupid book, “Hard Choices” this morning as she just brought it up once. Seriously, you want this egotistical cunt in the White House?

She claims she was friends with Ambassador Stevens and did nothing to save him? Seriously? Shame on you braindead Hillary supporters!

What will it take to defeat the Clintons? It’s ridiculous how they have so much power. On with Round 2 a little later.


Elijah Cummings the hypocrite accused Benghazi Select Committee of being corrupt…

Elijah Cummings has no right to accuse Trey Gowdy of being corrupt with the Benghazi Select Committee when Elijah Cummings is a corrupt politician himself. Elijah was heavily involved in the IRS scandal and he should be investigated for that, yet he gets pointed as the top Democrat for the Select Committee. It’s no surprise that they put Elijah in that group as a way to accuse the Select Committee of trying to take down their precious Hillary Clinton.


One thing I don’t get is why delusional democrats & liberals are quick to assume that the Benghazi Select Committee was made as an attempt to stop Hillary before the elections? It just proves that the left are misinformed and uneducated. All it proves is that they’re worried that Hillary and Barack might go to prison over Benghazi. The left don’t care about the 4 victims that were killed in Benghazi and don’t care about their families wanting answers. All the left cares about is protecting Barack & Hillary and keeping them above the law. It’s all pathetic really.

I’ve said countless of times that Benghazi is not really about taking down Barack & Hillary at all. It’s about getting justice for the 4 and getting answers for their families. Nope. The left have to politicize Benghazi to keep Barack & Hillary out of jail.

It’s real sad that the liberal left don’t have any compassion for the Benghazi 4 and their families… yet they have more compassion to thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown instead. The left really are despicable people. Fuck ’em.


Republicans promise Benghazi investigation will not be a circus…

While the Republicans are making plans on how the Benghazi investigation is gonna start, they promise that the investigation is not gonna be a circus. They promise that the investigation will NOT be a Republican vs. Democrat war. They promise that both sides will seek the full truth of Benghazi so it’s looking like that the Dems will cooperate after all.

While that’s good news to hear, I still don’t trust Elijah Cummings. That guy is a liar and a criminal… he’s a piece of work for sure so I have a feeling he’s still gonna give Trey Gowdy a hard time.

The left maybe planning to seek the truth too but they’re truth maybe slightly different than the right, though. I don’t think so. I think both sides are gonna come up with the same conclusion.

Here’s hoping this will be a peaceful investigation without any fights, arguments and drama at Capitol Hill. I am confident they will do a good job. I hope the Dems will be honest even if it turns out that Barack and Hillary were totally responsible.