This Benghazi hearing with Hillary is better than pay per view as I expected, entertaining as hell!!!

As I just finished watching the 1st round of Benghazi hearing with Hillary, I expected this was to be entertaining as hell. I expected it’s gonna turn out to be a circus and it was.

It’s no surprise to me that Hillary was gonna do nothing but lie her head off and defended herself most of the time aka playing innocent victim but they got her to admit a few things at least. For example, she admitted that she never gave Ambassador Stevens her personal e-mail address. She also admitted that she read all of Sidney Blumenthal’s e-mails but didn’t read all 600 requests of more security.

Most of the Congress people were pretty weak on her when questioning except for Rep. Westmoreland and Rep. Jones. Both of those guys got pretty tough and aggressive on her. While they got pretty tough, Hillary did nothing but “smirk”. Rep. Jim Jordan destroyed Hillary on her Benghazi video claim that had no evidence which got entertaining.

Hillary did nothing but smile throughout the questioning. Kept that smile up until Trey Gowdy started questioning her and he predictably wiped that smile off her face. See? I told ya, Trey Gowdy is one tough dude. He doesn’t put up shit with anybody.

Trey Gowdy was gonna announce they were gonna go to break but Elijah Cummings cut him off and continued to defend Hillary. Elijah kept accusing Trey of using the Committee to bring Hillary down while Gowdy keeps saying that he put the Committee together to get answers for the victims families. Before the break, Gowdy and Cummings got into a huge shouting match together. They were yelling and screaming. WOW. I’m sure that part will land on youtube at some point and I’ll post it when it does.

It’s no surprise to me that this hearing is gonna get heated. The hearing isn’t over yet, folks. This is only Round 1. They’ll be back for Round 2 when they get done with recess. I’m sure it’ll get even more heated later. This is a blast to watch, though.

It’s just amazing to me how Hillary can look at them dead in the eye and lie to them about everything. That woman is very evil. Elijah and the Democrats wants to believe that woman is undefeatable. They’re obviously obsessed with her and want to protect her every step of the way. Hillary had to promote her stupid book, “Hard Choices” this morning as she just brought it up once. Seriously, you want this egotistical cunt in the White House?

She claims she was friends with Ambassador Stevens and did nothing to save him? Seriously? Shame on you braindead Hillary supporters!

What will it take to defeat the Clintons? It’s ridiculous how they have so much power. On with Round 2 a little later.


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