10 things men don’t care about when it comes to women…

This is a pretty good read that I thought would be worth passing along. Found it on facebook. 10 things that men don’t care about when it comes to women. I agree with it all.

No, I won’t care if her hair and makeup isn’t perfect today ’cause she’ll always be beautiful no matter what she looks like.

I don’t care if they happen to make more money than me ’cause I won’t use them for the money at all. Whether they make more money or less, I don’t care. I’ll just love her for her if you know what I mean. It’s the love that matters, not how much money she makes. I wish they would understand that about men too. A lot of women won’t date guys if he doesn’t have a good job and all that stuff but that’s not the way it should be, in my opinion. I think they feel that way ’cause they don’t wanna feel “used” that they make more money than us which isn’t true. That’s why some would only date guys with a good paying job ’cause they don’t want to feel like he is using her for the money. Not all women care about how much money a guy makes though ’cause some just want a good guy in their lives, you just gotta find her. Not all women are gold diggers but some of them can be. You will find some women who won’t care how much money you make and will just love you for you, just got to find the right one. Don’t get me wrong, though… I will get myself back to working full time again at some point when the time comes. I won’t stay unemployed for the rest of my life that’s for sure.

A lot of us are not in a rush to jump in bed with her or better known as “sex”, we are willing to wait if she wants to.

I don’t care if women swear either ’cause I actually LOVE it when women aren’t afraid to say the word “fuck” a lot and other cuss words.

I don’t care how perfect women are ’cause nobody is perfect.

Read this full piece here:



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