Rep. Jim Jordan exposed Hillary’s big “video” lie…


You want proof that Hillary lied about Benghazi? Well, here ya go. Finally. Thanks to Rep. Jim Jordan who is a real hero today! He destroyed Hillary, big time! Exposed her big lie on the Benghazi youtube video.

Hillary knew beforehand that the Benghazi attack was planned and not a protest.

As you can see, Hillary’s writing skills is really bad. She misspelled, “You’re”. She also knew that the group that attacked the Benghazi compound may have been affiliated with Al-Qaeda, she was probably referring to Al-Sharia.

The reason why she is running for “president” to begin with is ’cause she’s using her “president” run as her shield from Benghazi, that’s how she’s being protected.

It’s real sad that Elijah Cummings and the Democrats have to worry about how much money Trey spends over this when Obama spends billions training ISIS, Obama spends millions on his vacations & golf trips and all that stuff. Libtards wanna complain about tax payer money being wasted on Benghazi when they should think about how much 4 deaths would cost. $4 million being spent on Benghazi investigation really isn’t a lot of money technically.


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