Video: Watch Rep. Jim Jordan expose Hillary about Benghazi video lie here…

Well after a little over a year or so getting nothing out of the Benghazi investigations, we finally get something. Some truth did come out earlier today. This was the best thing that happened at today’s hearing with Hillary. Jim Jordan exposing Hillary of the Benghazi youtube video lie. 4 died. Hillary lied. Here it is folks. Hillary finally exposed.

I didn’t watch the entire hearing since it went over 6 hours but I’ll watch the rest of it on youtube tomorrow. I missed Round 3 of the hearing ’cause I had to go somewhere earlier tonight.

Nobody on the left is gonna believe it, though ’cause in their delusional mind they will always believe Hillary did nothing wrong ’cause she’s a Clinton and a Democrat. *sigh*

Watch both of these videos and you would see.


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