So Blumenthal had Hillary’s personal e-mail and Ambassador Stevens didn’t?

James Woods brought up an interesting question.

I remember during the hearing that Gowdy says Ambassador Stevens tried to reach out to Hillary via e-mail but to no avail. The Ambassador got ignored. I’m sure Hillary was using her personal e-mail account to talk and joke around with all of her “friends” except for Chris. It seems that Chris wasn’t allowed in her circle of friends in her personal e-mail account. What would Hillary be talking about in her “personal” e-mail? Probably joking around about stupid stuff… Hillary was probably sexting with all of her lesbian girlfriends with Huma Abedin being one of them. I don’t think Hillary used her personal e-mail to talk about confidential stuff about Benghazi at all. She used it to fool around for fun ’cause she was probably bored to death during those 12 hours.

Libtard media wants to claim that Hillary walked out unscathed but that’s a big load of bull. Video lie exposed and Hillary actually admitted to breaking the law. Sure enough, libtard media wants to continue to protect her. No matter what happens, libtard media will always try to make her look innocent. If you think Obama and Hillary are innocent with their crimes then you are brainwashed by the media. Seriously, stop reading garbage like the Washington Post, Media Matters or Politico ’cause it’s all left-wing garbage and I don’t buy into any of it.

Hillary can keep getting exposed for her crimes & lies but nothing will happen to her, though that’s for sure. She’s a Clinton and a Democrat. That’s the problem with this country… the “right vs. left” war

Was Ambassador Stevens the best friend of Hillary as she claims? If that was true, he would have been alive today. I’m almost pretty sure she hated him and left him for dead. Following orders by none other than Valerie Jarrett probably.

Even though Hillary is a downright criminal and liar and everyone knows it, all those fucking libtards will vote for her anyways. She may as well be the next one.


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