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Is this why Hillary wanted her personal server private ’cause she didn’t want to get caught talking about fun stuff?

I think there’s a pretty good reason why Hillary kept her server hidden or may have destroyed it ’cause on it would be her talking about all kinds of fun stuff instead of the Benghazi attack itself. She knows the server would probably destroy her reputation if people saw that she didn’t care for the lives of Ambassador Stevens and the three other guys who were killed there. Instead of talking about saving lives and protecting Americans, all the Clinton camp did was bullshit around talking about stupid and fun stuff.

That stuff continues with Cheryl Mills who is a close aide to Clinton. Cheryl sent condolences to Ambassador Stevens and his family but quickly went to talking about her company’s logo instead.


Even though you hate Donald Trump, would you much rather have him as president instead of Killary? Be honest now… I think you would definitely agree with me on that, a lot of people are scared to admit it.


Shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi is not gonna solve anything so keep trying…

Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi sometime in the future, that’s not gonna solve anything. Like I keep saying, Benghazi is never gonna go away until the truth comes out which is true if you think about it. Even if liberals could be successful at shutting down Trey’s investigation, somebody else will go after the truth of Benghazi. So if you think shutting down Trey’s investigation will stop the truth from coming out, think again.

I would suggest liberals to stop their war against Gowdy’s committee ’cause why? Liberals don’t understand what kind of truth is gonna come out of it and it’s not gonna be good. Whatever truth that comes out of Benghazi… liberals are not gonna like it. Yeah, the truth of Benghazi is probably gonna turn out to be a US gun running operation like we’ve all been saying but I’m sure the truth will be much darker and deeper than that… something like possibly to kidnap Ambassador Stevens to trade for the Blind Sheik, that could come out too. It could turn out to be something different. Maybe Hillary and Obama both wanted Amb. Stevens to be killed. You just never know what’s gonna come out.

I’m tired of it… when you try to tell liberals how criminal and how much of a liar Hillary can be, they won’t listen to you. They’ll call you a crazy conservative or a conspiracy theorist which is nothing new when you call out liberal politicians. Anybody that calls out a liberal politician whether it will be Hillary, Barack or Bernie Sanders is immediately judged as crazy? They’ll accuse you of looking at wrong sources like Fox News and some crap like that. Liberals will never accept any kind of truth no matter what comes out. They are that one sided, always siding with their team. They won’t listen to right-wingers criticizing liberal politicians at all. Liberals will only believe what NBC, Media Matters and the Washington Post will tell them. Liberals won’t accept any kind of truth no matter what gets thrown at them.

In the naive mind of a libtard, they believe Hillary is winning which to me is pretty disgusting. Hillary isn’t winning. Hillary winning is just a fantasy of a libtard. Trying to make her look good is all they’re doing.

Even if there is hard evidence proving that Hillary wanted Ambassador Stevens dead, they’ll make her president anyways which is how fucked up our country really is right now.


So Blumenthal had Hillary’s personal e-mail and Ambassador Stevens didn’t?

James Woods brought up an interesting question.

I remember during the hearing that Gowdy says Ambassador Stevens tried to reach out to Hillary via e-mail but to no avail. The Ambassador got ignored. I’m sure Hillary was using her personal e-mail account to talk and joke around with all of her “friends” except for Chris. It seems that Chris wasn’t allowed in her circle of friends in her personal e-mail account. What would Hillary be talking about in her “personal” e-mail? Probably joking around about stupid stuff… Hillary was probably sexting with all of her lesbian girlfriends with Huma Abedin being one of them. I don’t think Hillary used her personal e-mail to talk about confidential stuff about Benghazi at all. She used it to fool around for fun ’cause she was probably bored to death during those 12 hours.

Libtard media wants to claim that Hillary walked out unscathed but that’s a big load of bull. Video lie exposed and Hillary actually admitted to breaking the law. Sure enough, libtard media wants to continue to protect her. No matter what happens, libtard media will always try to make her look innocent. If you think Obama and Hillary are innocent with their crimes then you are brainwashed by the media. Seriously, stop reading garbage like the Washington Post, Media Matters or Politico ’cause it’s all left-wing garbage and I don’t buy into any of it.

Hillary can keep getting exposed for her crimes & lies but nothing will happen to her, though that’s for sure. She’s a Clinton and a Democrat. That’s the problem with this country… the “right vs. left” war

Was Ambassador Stevens the best friend of Hillary as she claims? If that was true, he would have been alive today. I’m almost pretty sure she hated him and left him for dead. Following orders by none other than Valerie Jarrett probably.

Even though Hillary is a downright criminal and liar and everyone knows it, all those fucking libtards will vote for her anyways. She may as well be the next one.


Once again, Trey Gowdy’s investigation on Benghazi is the real deal…

Anybody that believes that Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi was designed to take down Hillary or even Obama is delusional and paranoid.

Like I said, Trey is taking the investigation very seriously and his only goal is to get answers for the families of the victims who are still “wondering” what happened to them. It’s been about 2 or 3 years since the attacks happened and the families still didn’t get answers. Benghazi mystery still unsolved.

The reason it seems like Trey is working so slow is ’cause most of the investigation is done privately… behind closed doors which is understandable ’cause I’m sure a lot of the material they find is gonna be very graphic and dark that the public shouldn’t know about, ya know? Not at this time.

Read this little article defending the Committee some more:


There has only been three public hearings but most of the hearings were done behind closed doors.

Trey vows to get to the bottom of everything, it doesn’t matter what it is. If it turns out that Ambassador Stevens didn’t die of smoke inhalation and he was actually beaten, raped, tortured by Muslims then that would probably get brought up in the report. If it turns out that Barack Obama and his admin. did end up ordering the attacks by sending all those Muslims out there to kill Americans then that would probably get brought up too. If it turns out that Barack Obama wasn’t in the situation room and he was somewhere else in the White House, that will probably get brought up. If there was a “stand down” order given as the Obama admin. claimed there was none, that would probably get brought up. If it turns out that the goal of Benghazi was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and trade him for the Blind Sheik, that would get brought up too.

Trey isn’t gonna ignore that stuff above.

I think you get my point now. Trey vows to get to every last bit of truth. All information, he doesn’t care how long it takes and like the article says, he’s not giving it up. Like he once said, “I don’t give a damn whose careers are ruined”.  Which means he won’t protect Obama & Hillary at all if he discovers that they were totally responsible for the attacks.

He’s committed to this and cares for the families of the 4 victims.

I predict the full truth of Benghazi will be out pretty soon, hopefully. It’s been a couple of years now and still nothing yet but Trey is working real hard and getting a lot done. It’s a tough investigation so bare with him and give him time. He’ll soon reveal all and expose all. I can’t wait!


What will it take to get ALL Americans to believe that Benghazi isn’t about taking down Hillary or Obama at all???

Thanks to Kevin McCarthy and his big mouth, his words about Benghazi is proof that he isn’t fit to be the new House Speaker at all. His comments about Benghazi sparked a firestorm and debate. He accused Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee investigation on Benghazi is the one responsible for bringing down Hillary’s poll numbers. In other words, he just blamed Trey Gowdy for Hillary’s polls numbers. McCarthy is full of shit and I’m sure libtards are applauding the hell out of the guy and libtards probably believe him.

The Democrats who have taken part of the Select Committee tried to take a vote in hopes of trying to stop funding the Committee and also hoping to shut it down. Of course, the Democrats failed… they couldn’t get enough votes in to shut down the Select Committee which is a good thing.


I predicted a long time ago that the only reason Democrats jumped aboard the Select Committee was to protect Hillary Clinton and they were going to try to shut down the Select Committee later on — by golly, was my prediction exactly right!

I’ve said it time and time again that Trey’s “Select Committee” isn’t about trying to take down Hillary or Barack Obama. It’s about seeking answers and getting the truth of the 4 Americans that were killed there, the victims families are still looking for answers and that’s why the Select Committee was set up to get answers for them and to get answers for us. Yes, getting Benghazi answers also concerns the rest of us Americans as well out of our safety and all.

I’m glad the House shot down the Democrats proposal on trying to shut down the investigation. They did a smart thing.

I wish this country would have more compassion to the 4 victims of Benghazi. If you had family members that were killed for no reason, you’d want answers too so those who are worried about Hillary or Barack getting in trouble needs to shut the fuck up and show some damn respect. Benghazi was a serious tragedy and yes, it matters. This isn’t about Hillary or Barack, it’s about: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods. 4 military heroes who sacrificed themselves to protect other people. They were the ones who helped stopped the attacks and if it weren’t for them, it could have been much worse.


Trey Gowdy clarifies that he’s not retiring until he’s done with the Benghazi Committee…

Not only that Trey is not gonna run for another position in Congress anytime soon, he’s also not retiring in 2016. Like i said previously, his only focus is on getting answers for Benghazi and getting the full truth. Once he gets that then he’ll retire and go back to his home state of South Carolina.


Whether you like this man or not, he has a lot of balls! It shows that he is serious on getting answers for Benghazi and it’s not about taking down Hillary at all. Many would like to accuse Trey Gowdy of a political witch hunt to go after Hillary but it’s not true.

Trey Gowdy doesn’t care how long it takes to get answers for Benghazi whether it takes a year or several years or more than 10 years, this man vows to stay on.

I can’t blame him for wanting to retire and go back home after he finishes Benghazi ’cause it’s a pretty overwhelming and tough job. I can’t blame him for wanting to take it easy and get some rest ’cause working for Congress is a pretty tough job, it must be.

Before the Select Committee, Trey Gowdy does a lot more work in Congress and investigates a lot of other scandals and crimes. He continues to investigate other stuff.

Keep in mind that this is a guy who deals with a lot of dishonest and corrupt people who always give him a hard time and he’s probably having enough with it all. He’s probably getting real tired of dealing with corrupt assholes all the time so he probably wants to take it easy and spend more time with his family.

Hopefully he does solve the Benghazi mystery. I would like to see the Benghazi case finally get closed myself. Get the truth and then we can all move on from it.

It’s awesome. Trey vows to stay on the Benghazi case, he doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks.


Carly was the only one who brought up Benghazi but all the others didn’t…

It seems to me that the GOP candidates don’t really care to talk about Benghazi but the only candidate who is willing to talk about Benghazi is Carly Fiorina. Benghazi shouldn’t be forgotten and shouldn’t be left out of the picture at all so thanks to Carly for continuing to bring it up. That’s why I’m starting to like Carly ’cause she seems to care about getting answers for Benghazi which is good.

Some people may accuse Carly of attacking Hillary about Benghazi for more votes but that’s not true. Carly is just like us. She wants answers for the Benghazi attacks just like us and she’s doing all she can to fight to get answers so to do that, she must attack Hillary. Hillary should be in a prison, not running for president. So for Carly being the only GOP candidate willing to talk about Benghazi is what’s getting me to like her more and more.

While Donald Trump is still my choice for prez, Carly would have to be my second choice now. Either that or Carly would make a great running mate for Trump. If Carly loses the election, she wouldn’t make a bad vice-president for the Donald at all.

If Carly keeps impressing me, who knows, maybe I’ll one day support her instead of Donald but too early for that, though. If Carly wins the nomination instead of Donald Trump, I’ll vote for her for sure.


I wish the liberal left would have more compassion to the Benghazi 4 and their families…

Why don’t the liberal community care or don’t even know about the Benghazi attacks? Why don’t they care when they should? I think part of that reason is that the MSM refuses to report about Benghazi. Why don’t the MSM report about Benghazi? I think it’s because Obama and his admin. orders the media not to report about Benghazi. More of their “coverup” for sure. Benghazi would have absolutely been a big news story if the media did their jobs, ya know? I think more liberals would have cared about Benghazi if it was reported more. The media refuses to hold Obama and his admin. accountable over Benghazi which is pretty sickening.

Whether you guys on the left think Obama did it or not, you still should have some compassion for the 4 victims that were killed there that night. You should have more compassion for the Benghazi 4 and their families the same way you give compassion to 9/11/01 victims and their families.

But nope…

Instead, the liberal left have to have a back & forth political debate over Benghazi. I’ve seen the liberal left say some pretty nasty things about the Benghazi attacks… bullshit like: “It happened a long time ago”, “What about Bush’s 12 embassies”, “These things happen all the time”, etc. I’ve seen much worse. They try to help protect Barack Obama as well. THey don’t want him to go to prison. Period.

It’s a real shame that Benghazi got less recognition when it should. Those 4 victims: Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty deserves more compassion by the liberal left but instead they get worried about Barack and Hillary going to prison.

Hopefully, Michael Bay’s “13 Hours” movie will help make Benghazi a little more mainstream. Everybody should know how serious this tragedy was.


What is Donald Trump doing with these Benghazi videos?

Is Benghazi gonna soon be the next thing that Donald Trump will start pushing out there? First he started throwing his thoughts on Illegal Immigration out there and next I think he plans to start speaking out about Benghazi.

If Trey Gowdy doesn’t get answers on Benghazi before 2016, I think the Donald himself will get to the bottom of Benghazi when he’s elected in 2016.


Liberals really are afraid of the truth when it comes to Benghazi… think about it…

When the latest news of Benghazi came out for both Barack Obama and Hillary, I posted the news in facebook and it pissed off a few. It’s finally proven that the Benghazi youtube video is bullshit and it was finally proven that Benghazi turned out to be a US gun running operation going on. Sure enough, a few wanna shrug that stuff off and call that news a bunch of bullshit “conspiracy theory” by FOX News. The thing is, FOX News didn’t exclusively reported that story. They just took what the Judicial Watch reported and I told everyone that too.

So more Hillary news came out of Benghazi today by the NY Times. I’m no fan of the NY Times but wow, they exposed Hillary on this one big time:


I think it’s safe to say that Hillary is done. She won’t even make it past the primaries in the elections at all.

Like I said before, no matter what kind of truth comes out of Benghazi… liberals are never gonna believe it. I think they do believe it and they know Hillary and Barack are responsible for Benghazi… it’s just that the left can’t take the truth. It’s upsetting them to find out that their Barack and Hillary are criminals and they’re fucking hating it too!

When liberals get upset at Benghazi news, it doesn’t bother me at all ’cause I find it entertaining as hell and just get out the popcorn.

Why is it that the left continues to support left-wing politicians who are criminals? It proves that liberals are very delusional people. Living in their own fantasy world. They don’t understand politics like they think they do.

It’s pissing them off ’cause they can’t stand the fact that their first black president and their possible first woman president turned out to be evil monsters. They just can’t take the truth. Period. End of story.