Is this why Hillary wanted her personal server private ’cause she didn’t want to get caught talking about fun stuff?

I think there’s a pretty good reason why Hillary kept her server hidden or may have destroyed it ’cause on it would be her talking about all kinds of fun stuff instead of the Benghazi attack itself. She knows the server would probably destroy her reputation if people saw that she didn’t care for the lives of Ambassador Stevens and the three other guys who were killed there. Instead of talking about saving lives and protecting Americans, all the Clinton camp did was bullshit around talking about stupid and fun stuff.

That stuff continues with Cheryl Mills who is a close aide to Clinton. Cheryl sent condolences to Ambassador Stevens and his family but quickly went to talking about her company’s logo instead.

Even though you hate Donald Trump, would you much rather have him as president instead of Killary? Be honest now… I think you would definitely agree with me on that, a lot of people are scared to admit it.


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