Obama wants our background checks? Well what about his?


If Obama himself had to go through background checks in order to get a gun, I’m pretty sure he won’t even be eligible to buy a guy himself. Why? Simply because he’s an illegal alien and an illegal president. His birth certificate is 100% fake. He keeps his college and birth records sealed. He will never show us anything about his personal and private life. We barely know anything about this piece of shit.

Yet here is everyone jerking themselves off over Obama’s “gun control” speech, calling him a hero and all. Everybody have to be like, “Obama is doing great things to America, you can’t say anything bad about him.” *yawn*

I’d say if Obama wants our background checks and our personal information, I’d say what about his? Come on, Barack. Stop being such a coward and show us your background. What have you got to hide, idiot? There’s so many unanswered questions about Barack’s life and he continues to keep himself mysterious even to this day. I can’t stand it. One day everything is gonna be exposed about this man. He can’t hide everything about himself forever.

If he wants to be taken seriously about “background checks” then he should show us his background and that’s the point of this meme. Easy right?


One thought on “Obama wants our background checks? Well what about his?”

  1. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/12/27/virginia-senator-pushes-amendment-defund-governor-terry-mcauliffes-protective-detail/ one wonders about the President’s position on this action… and whether the same people who would pursue removing security from the Governor would feel the same way about the President’s secret service. I wish Obama were more practical about guns and in regards to the constitutional right to bear, and increased casualty counts in “no gun” zones, and where no one is carrying to defend everyone, but he’s not. So I just pray for him.

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