Funny how people think America is screwed ’cause Trump is the top candidate… seriously???


This is proof of all the bias in America. People thinking Donald Trump is the enemy of America just because the media says so. If you believe that Trump is the enemy of America and Barack Obama & Hillary aren’t then you are probably a dumb libtard.

Correction. Yes, America is definitely screwed but the country isn’t screwed ’cause of Donald Trump and those evil Republicans. I can’t stand how libtards are this one sided. It’s really disturbing and scary as hell.

The country is screwed ’cause Barack Obama did so much damage to America and continues to do more damage before his presidency supposedly goes out. He’ll continue to do a lot more damage in his last year. America is also screwed ’cause Hillary is the top Democrat candidate when she shouldn’t be.

Yes, there’s no doubt that the GOP & Republicans are evil and corrupt too but I’m not that one sided. Liberals & Democrats are just as bad. Both the GOP & Democrats are the same. They all wanna destroy America.

I’ll never respect Barack Obama ever. I’ll always hate and despise that man so defend him all you want to. I’ve always hated that man since 2008 and my feelings still hasn’t changed about him now. If you believe there’s nothing wrong with Obama and you believe he knows what he’s doing, you gotta stop reading garbage like the Washington Post or the NY Times.

This country is fucked ’cause of Barack Obama. Stop living in your delusional fantasy world. Stop believing everything the media tells you ’cause they are full of shit most of the time. Obama’s a piece of garbage and a lowlife scum. Someday you’ll realize that. You should’ve realized that a long time ago ’cause it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, you libtard assholes.


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