Sly Stallone announces he’s done with Rambo… reboot coming soon? Probably…

Sly Stallone dropped a huge bombshell today and announced that he’s officially retired from Rambo. He’s been working on a script for “Rambo V” but suddenly he doesn’t want to play Rambo anymore. Probably because Sly is aging and his body can’t take doing action movies anymore. He wants to do it but his body can’t take it.

It seems that Sly is all game for a reboot ’cause he clearly said, “Leave it to someone else”. So that means he’s willing to let Rambo get replaced by a different actor?

I’m all for a Rambo film reboot series as long as they pick a good actor for Rambo. Who would make a good replacement for Rambo? Sly once said in an interview that he wants Ryan Gosling which is an interesting choice but I’d say go for someone like Jason Momoa or Chris Hemsworth. Those two guys are pretty big, muscular and tough so either one of them would make a badass Rambo.

It’s looking like Sly is gonna be done with action movies soon. So is “Expendables 4” gonna be his last action movie that he’s gonna star in? Will he even star in “Expendables 4”? We’ll have to wait and see what goes on.


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