Obama crying during gun control speech, he’s fake crying…. well, duh…

Come on guys. Obama is not really crying. He’s faking it aka “acting”. He’s fake crying so he can sound serious about “gun control” and he does a terrible job at trying to sound serious. Sure enough, libtards in social networking are going, “Aaaaawwww, Obama is such a hero and such a good president”… blah blah blah, you get the deal, ya know? Barack talking about all these shootings that didn’t even happen and almost all of them were “false flags”.

Taking guns away is not gonna end violence. That’s a fact. Look at the United Kingdom. They have strict gun control over there but instead you see a lot of stabbings and stuff. What’s stopping violent people from using knives, bombs and other weapons?

You know very well that Obama being desperate in taking our guns away is nothing but a huge power grab. That’s all the son of a bitch wants is more power. It’s just another attempt at destroying America.

Do you honestly believe that Obama cares about human lives? You fucking dumbasses. Over the years of Obama’s life, he has killed over hundreds of people mysteriously ’cause he didn’t want stuff about him to get leaked out there. He doesn’t give a rats ass about human lives at all ’cause why? He’s a fucking Muslim that’s why.

He has murdered three of his ex-gay lovers… two of them which were killed execution style… killed by multiple gun shot wounds:


So since he had Donald Young and Larry Bland killed by gunshot wounds that makes Obama a hypocrite over gun violence. Obama didn’t shoot those men himself… it is believed that he hired hitmen to do the job for him.

Obama’s corrupt and a maniac. If you think he is a good guy then you are one delusional idiot. Get help.


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