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Rick Santorum and Carly Fiorina to be a part of Trump’s cabinet? They’re set to meet with the Donald…

I don’t know about you all but I think it’s pretty awesome that Trump is getting together with his former enemies. Isn’t it kind of funny how some of those Trump supporters whine and cry about Trump’s cabinet picks yet they pick on liberals for crying about losing an election? Like I said, I support anyone whoever Trump chooses for his cabinet and administration. I totally trust Trump and will back everything he does. We got Trump elected, we got him this far… so stop whining and support everything he does please. You’re no true Trump supporter if you’re gonna be disappointed with him already. I’ll have a rant about that soon.



Carly Fiorina in the White House? No thank you…

I know it sounds exciting that a woman may become president sometime in the future but that doesn’t mean she’ll be a good leader just because she’s a woman, ya know? You have to be able to trust her as well. Not only that Hillary isn’t fit for the White House, Carly isn’t fit either sorry to say. Not only that Carly is pro-Islam, it’s turning out that she’s pro-Iran as well. So that’s it for Carly, I’m done supporting her for good this time. Carly would be just as bad as Hillary. We can’t have a president that supports Islam and Carly is just that.


Once again, I really have nothing against women in the oval office but we want a woman that we can be able to trust, ya know?

It’s a real shame that Sarah Palin hasn’t decided to run yet ’cause she would be the first woman president that America would need, in my opinion. Instead, she’s planning on becoming a part of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Better than nothing, I guess.

Carly isn’t that attractive looking to be honest with you. Did she get plastic surgery by any chance? Carly’s face looks like she may have been under the knife at some point. Bad plastic surgery.


More on Carly Fiorina from last night…

Another thing that impressed me about Carly Fiorina was not only that she called Hillary out on Benghazi, she also called Hillary out on something else. She also called Hillary out on her accomplishment record. I loved it when she said, “If you want to stump a liberal/Democrat, ask them about Hillary’s accomplishments”. Which is true, ya know?

When you want to debate a liberal about Hillary and you ask them about her accomplishments, they usually can’t think of anything most of the time. When they do come up with something about Hillary’s accomplishments… chances are they’re gonna hit google and they will show you all kinds of delusional misinformation from some left-leaning website. Left leaning websites that try to make Hillary look good.

Like this website here for example:


Addicting Info is a big time libtard website.

For many years in this blog, I’ve tried to prove that Hillary is not an accomplished woman at all and I’ve won them all. Even some of you guys challenged me on Hillary’s so called accomplishments, I’ll never forget it.

Hillary hasn’t accomplished anything other than allowing 4 of our own American men get murdered in Benghazi and she got away with it. That’s the only thing she accomplished. Her being first lady doesn’t count and her being an author doesn’t count either.

She has never done anything positive for the country and it’s pretty disgusting that people continue to naivety support her when they shouldn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up getting elected anyways.


Carly was the only one who brought up Benghazi but all the others didn’t…

It seems to me that the GOP candidates don’t really care to talk about Benghazi but the only candidate who is willing to talk about Benghazi is Carly Fiorina. Benghazi shouldn’t be forgotten and shouldn’t be left out of the picture at all so thanks to Carly for continuing to bring it up. That’s why I’m starting to like Carly ’cause she seems to care about getting answers for Benghazi which is good.

Some people may accuse Carly of attacking Hillary about Benghazi for more votes but that’s not true. Carly is just like us. She wants answers for the Benghazi attacks just like us and she’s doing all she can to fight to get answers so to do that, she must attack Hillary. Hillary should be in a prison, not running for president. So for Carly being the only GOP candidate willing to talk about Benghazi is what’s getting me to like her more and more.

While Donald Trump is still my choice for prez, Carly would have to be my second choice now. Either that or Carly would make a great running mate for Trump. If Carly loses the election, she wouldn’t make a bad vice-president for the Donald at all.

If Carly keeps impressing me, who knows, maybe I’ll one day support her instead of Donald but too early for that, though. If Carly wins the nomination instead of Donald Trump, I’ll vote for her for sure.


I am disliking Carly Fiorina more and more… she’s unfit for prez as well!

So Carly Fiorina keeps talking trash at Donald Trump and condemns his comments about Megyn Kelly. Carly says that she stands with Megyn which is kind of no surprise. In my opinion, I think this is Carly’s lousy attempt to try to get more female voters and get more liberal support. Carly siding with Megyn Kelly is obviously a political move for her elections. It’s no surprise to see that Carly has joined in on the Donald Trump hating bandwagon.  She just wants to fit in with the other candidates and if she supports Trump, she figures that could hurt her campaigning.

Another reason that Carly has been bothering me as of late, I just found out that she’s a Muslim sympathizer as well. Yep, she seems to be an Islam supporter. So Carly being in the White House? No. Neither Hillary or Carly would be a good woman president at all. If Carly gets elected, she could be another leader who will refuse to put “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence so we can’t have that.

The question you have to ask is this, does Donald Trump deserve all of this backlash from the GOP candidates, FOX News, liberals and the media? No, he doesn’t but that’s politics though. It’s the name of the game. When you get into the race, you gotta expect all kinds of attacks, criticism and other candidates trying to steal your voters. All that stuff. That’s why the other candidates are doing what they’re doing. They’re trying to steal Trump’s voters. FOX News is also doing all they can try to get his supporters to get turned off by him but it is not working. All FOX News is doing is getting people to like Trump even more, what part of that don’t they get?

When people say that the “race war will become the new sexist war”, they’re so right. It’s happening right now with all this Megyn Kelly stuff. It’s coming, y’all… soon you’ll no longer be allowed to call out and criticize women for saying or doing stupid things. You’ll get called a sexist, a misogynistic and all that stuff. You should be able to tell the truth about women. You can be mean to women as long as you don’t punch them or anything like that. That’s what people are acting like over Trump, people are acting like he was abusive to her which is pretty sickening.



Once again, what if Carly Fiorina wins the election and becomes next POTUS? How will liberals react to that?

I had a post about this before a long while back and don’t mind posting it again. Carly Fiorina one of the GOP candidates seems to be getting a lot more respect lately. The question you have to ask is this… how will liberals react if Carly gets elected and gets sworn in President? Not saying it will happen but what if she happens to win all of a sudden?

Liberals always dream about having a first woman president and the only woman president they could think of is, of course, Hillary. They seem to forget that another woman is running for president too and she seems to be doing well in the election so far and that is none other than Carly Fiorina.

If Carly wins the election and becomes POTUS, it be interesting to see how liberals will react to that. I’m sure libtards will be mad as hell that a Republican woman could be president, ya know?

All this will prove is that liberals are pretty one-sided pieces of shits. They stay on their side always. It will be funny if that happens, Carly gets elected… well hey, you wanted a woman president, well you got one. Liberals are gonna explode over that for sure. Ha!


What if Carly Fiorina gets elected in 2017??? How will the left react to that?

The liberal left is still pretending that Hillary is the only woman running for president in 2016. Did they happen to forget that Carly Fiorina is running too? The liberal left is desperate for a first woman president but what if… not saying it’ll happen but what if Carly who is a Republican gets elected successfully in 2017? I just wonder how the left will react. If Carly does get elected in Jan. of 2017, gets sworn in and all… they got their woman president like they exactly wanted but you can very well believe that liberals aren’t gonna be happy about it. I just know that liberals are gonna be fucking pissed if Carly gets elected simply because she’s a Republican.

I honestly hope it’ll be Carly vs. Hillary on the ticket. Two women running against each other would be interesting as hell if you think about it. Those two debating each other face to face would be entertaining as hell. When they debate each other, better grab the popcorn for sure. I’m not a big fan of Carly but if she gets the nomination, I’ll vote for her just to help stop Hillary.

Liberals have been dying for a woman president for years but if Carly gets elected, just think how they’ll react? I’m betting your money, that liberals heads are gonna explode. They’ll be raging mad on the internet about it for sure.

Why do liberals have to be so damn one-sided all the time, ya know? If they wanted a woman president, they should be happy for Carly too but you know they’re not going to be. I agree that a woman president would be great, just not Hillary please. Any woman is fine, no matter the political party… nobody wants Hillary ’cause of her Benghazi responsibility. She should be disqualified from the race ’cause of Benghazi alone. She should be in a federal prison by now. It’s insane that so many libtards support that dumb woman. Liberalism is a mental disorder, indeed.


It’s amazing how diverse the GOP side of the Election is but the left don’t care, all they do is hate, hate, hate…

The left would complain and bitch about lack of diversity in the Oscars but you don’t see them being all happy and excited about how diverse the GOP side of the upcoming election really is. Lets see we have a woman now who is Carly Fiorina. We have an African-American who is Ben Carson. We have two Latinos who are Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Then we have a white American male named, Rand Paul. The Republican side is pretty diverse from the way I see it but the left don’t care. All I see is the liberal left bashing and hating on all of them. I think part of that is “jealousy”, big time. Why? It’s because they were probably hoping the Democrat side would have diverse candidates but they didn’t get that so that’s why they are mad at the Republican side but what’s new with those uneducated liberals? They just hate everything Republican. To them, nothing is good with the Republicans. No matter how interesting or good their issues are… liberals are gonna hate ’cause of their Republican beliefs.

I thought we were the “racist” and “sexist” ones? People will call us “sexist” for attacking their Hillary Clinton but the left are on full-on attack mode on Carly. Isn’t that kind of “sexist” too? Ever think about that, ya bunch of hypocrites?

If Ben Carson gets the nomination, I guess we’re all gonna have to vote for him simply because he’s black. If we don’t vote for him, we might get called “racist” but that won’t happen, you see… people won’t care if we don’t vote for Ben Carson ’cause of his Republican beliefs.

When it comes to Carly, if she ever got nominated… I wonder if the left will accuse us of voting for her just because she’s a woman alone? Liberals hate her ’cause she drives them crazy. Carly is anti-Hillary and anti-liberal. I like Carly ’cause she’s one of the few Republicans who is real and brutal. She’s not a career politician which is the kind of president we need. It be nice if we elect someone who isn’t a career politician for once. Why? This president will be less corrupt and more realistic.

I got my eye on two GOP candidates right now… either Rand Paul or Carly would be my choices. I’ll keep an eye on both of them so hopefully they don’t let me down.

The left wing media is gonna do all they can to destroy the GOP candidates but that’s the name of the game of politics, I guess.

I hope we do get a Republican president next time around and I think we will. I believe it. We’ve pretty much had it with liberalism.


Next two GOP candidates announced for 2016 President race: Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina….

So all the candidates for the upcoming 2016 Election is looking like this so far:

GOP: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina

Democrat: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Well, look at that? There is more GOP to the race than Democrats. Will there be anymore Democrats announcing their run? There’s been a lot of buzz about Jim Webb. A few people recommended me Jim Webb, I looked him up and not a big fan of him either.

You see guys, there will be other women gunning for the White House and it’s not just Hillary. Liberal America is all for a woman president as long she’s a Democrat. To them, a woman president won’t be acceptable as long as she’s gonna be an evil Republican. Left-wingers really are that one-sided, it sickens me.

What I love about Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina is that both of them are not career politicians. They never worked for government or Congress and that’s the kind of president that we need.

Watch Dr. Ben Carson’s famous speech in the video below. You would see why a lot of people like him after that speech.