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NBC desperate in trying to get their “conservative” audience back???

Megyn Kelly is having InfoWars host/founder, Alex Jones on her new Sunday show on NBC. Even though NBC called Alex Jones a “conservative”, he never called himself that on INFOWars. Alex always said he is libertarian!

NBC is outraging a lot of liberals because Alex said Sandy Hook shooting was a “false flag” and no one died. For that reason alone, liberal media called him a “conspiracy theorist”.


NBC is obviously desperate in getting their “conservative” viewers back ’cause they lost a lot of viewers during the start of the 2016 elections after the way they treated Trump. NBC continues to get worse and worse with their fake news.

On top of all this, what gives the Fake News MSM the right to call Alex Jones a “conspiracy theorist” when the liberal media are the biggest conspiracy theorists around? They were the ones that made up the claims of Donald Trump colluded with Russia when there is no evidence and that was already proven during the James Comey testimony to the Senate.

NBC trying to get their “conservative” viewers back but it’s not happening with me. I vow to never watch NBC again.

Hey NBC, I know you’re trying to get respect back but respect isn’t begged for, it is earned. So if you want to get your viewers back then ENOUGH with your “Fake News” liberal bias garbage. That’s why a lot of us are switching off NBC which stands for “Nothing But Crap”. If you want your ratings back, then bring back “honest journalism”… the same goes for the rest of the media.


Video: Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly interview was surprisingly really good!

I watched the Megyn Kelly and Trump interview last night on TV and I thought it was surprisingly really really good. Megyn was surprisingly respectful to Trump this time. To my surprise, I even thought Megyn herself was pretty likeable throughout the interview and I thought she did a great job this time. She was professional and showed a lot of class.

This interview they did should be good enough to show the #NeverTrump crowd that Trump isn’t as bad as like the media says he is, ya know? I just had a few Trump haters admit on my FB page that he wasn’t all that bad during that interview.

Trump may have made some mistakes during the campaign and may have said some stupid stuff but he even admitted that on the show and says we got to learn to move forward from our mistakes.

When it comes to Trump treating women horribly, Trump said on the show that he only treats Rosie like that. The media wants to make it look like that Trump is horrible to women ’cause he talks trash at Rosie O’ Donnell. Trump has every reason to talk trash at Rosie ’cause she’s the one who started their feud to begin with.

Trump is the kind of guy that if you treat him with respect, he’ll respect you back. If you don’t treat him with respect, watch out. He doesn’t attack people unless they attack him first, you see? Trump is a human being and he has feelings too. Just one thing to keep in mind, y’all.

I thought it was a great interview. Glad I watched it.


Apparently, FOX News has just joined the feminism movement… are they trying to help Hillary?

Another thing that I wanted to add about FOX News’s statement to Donald Trump notice how they said it was sexist to call out Megyn Kelly for her bullshit. Notice that they used the word sexist. Most so-called conservatives and liberals sympathized with Megyn Kelly and sided with her. This is just one of those things where the race war will become the new “sexist” war. Give it time, y’all. Pretty soon you won’t be able to call out women for their bullshit & drama anymore ’cause if you do, you’ll get called a sexist and misogynistic pig. We lost our freedom of speech toward gays & black people… soon we’ll lose our “freedom of expression” when it comes to women. We’ll no longer be allowed to tell the truth about women anymore.

That’s what FOX News is trying to do. They’ve just joined the “feminism” movement, I think. So FOX News a “conservative” network like many want to believe? Fuck no. FOX News has always been a pretty liberal network. They just use “conservatism” as a cover.

This is just FOX News’s lousy attempt at trying to ram “feminism” down our throats even more when it comes to Megyn Kelly. I also believe that they are trying to help Hillary win the election. So FOX News a station aimed at the right-wing party? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They’ve gotten liberals to side with them so go figure.

Keep it going FOX News. You never cease to amaze me.


Mr. Trump should sue FOX News and put them out of business!


FOX News and Megyn Kelly has been doing nothing but attacking Trump on their news shows ever since Trump announced he was running for president. FOX News just posted a statement on their facebook after Mr. Trump started calling them out on their bullshit. FOX News think they can get away with the Trump bashing for sure. They started in on Trump during the GOP Debates. FOX News is so biased against Trump, it’s pretty crazy. What kind of news network that will go from Obama bashing to Trump bashing?

If you wonder why the Republican/Conservative side is so divided as of late, I totally blame that on FOX News for sure. Fox News is in bed with Ted Cruz and they are the ones who taught Cruz supporters how to hate Donald Trump.

Megyn Kelly does nothing but bash Trump on her dumb show “The Kelly File” night in and night out and she doesn’t think Trump will respond to her attacks against him? FOX News is accusing Trump of having a sick obsession with her but it’s actually Megyn who has a sick obsession with Trump!!! Mr. Trump is way too busy campaigning for his presidency so he doesn’t have much time to mess with Megyn so FOX News’s accusations against him are absurd. Mr. Trump just has a right to respond and to defend himself. FOX News does nothing but attack Mr. Trump all the time but they cry like a baby when Trump calls them out for it.

You can’t trust news networks at all, man. The news networks especially the big ones has full of shady and corrupt people. I don’t watch the news anymore for these reasons. If you hate Donald Trump just because the media does then you’re dumb and naive. Stop taking the media seriously. It’ll do you some good, trust me. A lot of people accuse me of watching FOX News ’cause of my “right-wing” views but I hate FOX News like most people.

Mr. Trump should sue them to the ground. If Hulk Hogan was successful at taking down Gawker due to privacy then I’m sure Trump can take down FOX News due to slander and libel which is what FOX News is doing to Mr. Trump… they’re slandering and libeling him for sure.


Megyn Kelly finally admitted it, “Mr. Trump is a breath of fresh air!!!”

Throughout this election, Megyn Kelly did all she could to destroy Donald Trump. Now she’s admitting publicly that he’s a breath of fresh air ’cause why? Donald Trump doesn’t rely on a teleprompter when speaking. His answers aren’t prepared answers like most presidential candidates these days. Donald Trump speaks from the heart and doesn’t read off of anything. This is a part of why we all love him, y’all. He’s a pretty fearless guy… all the haters will never admit that ’cause they are scared to death of him.

I love Donald Trump ’cause he’s not afraid to speak his mind and I love people like that. People who just say what they want and not giving a fuck whether other people like it or not. We need more people like that in this world ’cause there are too many people that worry about whether or not they’re gonna say something offensive and hurt people, it makes me sick. We shouldn’t be afraid to speak our minds about anything we please.

I may disagree with Donald Trump on a few things here and there but I still respect the hell out of him ’cause he has a lot of balls. Without Mr. Trump this election would have been boring for sure.

Megyn Kelly: Trump’s Unscripted Campaign Is a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’


What I find sad is that everyone is so hung up on making Trump look like a closet liberal…

So Ted Cruz is trying his best to expose Donald Trump a liar by making a negative ad about Trump being “pro choice” but didn’t have the guts to post the entire interview on Meet the Press where Mr. Trump made it clear that he “hated the concept of abortion” but Ted left that part out in his negative ad. Ted is a sneaky and slimey bastard. haha…

Trump may have said back in 1999 that he may have been “pro-choice” but come on y’all. That was back in 1999… that was like 17 years ago.

You know who else called on Mr. Trump about his “pro-choice” in 1999 was Megyn Kelly. Mr. Trump cleared it up pretty nicely and destroyed her about it. So what if Mr. Trump had some liberal views in the past. He just said in one of the GOP Debates that opinions changes and “evolves” over the years. Trump is so right that Ronald Reagan started off as a liberal. What is everyone’s obsession of trying to make Trump look like a fake conservative?

That’s what’s gonna happen… since Mr> Trump has had some past liberal views… people today will take some of the liberal things he said in the past and bring it up so they can try to make him look like a “fake conservative”.

In the past, I had some liberal views myself but as I got older, I got myself informed with my politics and went “conservative”. I think it was Barack Obama who helped make me become a “conservative”, haha! So because you had past liberal views doesn’t make you a “fake conservative”. It’s okay to change your opinions on some things.

Hillary and Barack lied about their feelings on “gay marriage” but they didn’t get any outrage so shut the fuck up, hypocrites!


Donald Trump gives FOX News and Megyn Kelly the middle finger, GOOD!

Since Mr. Trump won’t be participating in this Thursday night’s GOP debate on FOX News, I probably won’t bother watching ’cause the only reason I watch these GOP Debates is just for him anyways. I’m sure everyone else watch the GOP Debates just for him too. Why? It’s simply because Mr. Trump makes politics fun and enjoyable again. He’s very entertaining to watch whether you love him or hate him. We’ll see how the ratings do with Trump not participating in the GOP Debate this Thursday. I’m almost pretty sure that no one is gonna watch the debate. Sure, the debate this Thursday will still get some ratings but not record breaking ratings. The only people that will watch this Thursdays debate are those delusional Ted Cruz supporters and those delusional liberals who likes GOP Rino’s such as Jeb, Marco and Christie.

Trump did a smart thing giving FOX News the middle finger ’cause all of you know that all that is gonna happen is that Trump and Megyn Kelly is just gonna fight & argue back and forth at each other. *yawn* I don’t wanna see that and neither does everyone else. So Trump says, “Fuck FOX News, I’m gonna do more important things like raise money for veterans and Wounded Warriors”… show people even more how patriotic he really is.

Sure, Trump haters are gonna accuse Trump of being a coward for refusing to face Megyn Kelly but they’re just being Trump haters. They can’t think of nothing better to do than make him look bad most of the time.

I have been pretty disgusted with the conservative community and many of them have gone out of their way to go on hating Trump too. It’s not just liberals hating on Trump. There’s a handful of so-called conservatives hating on Trump too. I’ve always believed that if you call yourself a “conservative” and if you hate Trump then you’re not a conservative. Sorry but I’m sticking with that opinion as well. Trump is the true blue conservative and I’ll always believe that. Anyone who doesn’t think so doesn’t know anything about conservatism ’cause I know more about “conservatism” better than anybody. Trust me! I’ll admit it that I’m still a die-hard conservative and quite proud of it.


Megyn Kelly deserves to get harassed and bullied by Trump, stop giving Megyn a free pass…

Megyn treated Trump like garbage during that first GOP debate on FOX News and you expect Trump not to respond in that way? Now people are calling Donald sexist and a misgogynist for defending himself? She treated him unfairly during that debate and I think Trump has every right to call her out. I’d do the same thing. I could care less if she is a woman or not. Women shouldn’t get a free pass for treating men unfairly.

FOX News is becoming more and more liberal than ever. That network isn’t conservative at all as much as people want to believe.

Donald Trump has every right to speak his mind and has a right to an opinion and it’s pretty crazy that people won’t let him. I think it’s because he’s rich and he’s a true conservative. That’s the only reason people hate him, in my opinion.

Megyn Kelly deserves those attacks by Trump. Stop giving her a free pass.

I think FOX News is quickly turning into a liberal network ’cause they’re trying to attract more liberal viewers. That’s why there is all of this bias with Trump on FOX News.

Quit feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly ’cause that cunt started the whole thing to begin with but of course libtards will never admit it. In the mind of a libtard, it’s always Trump that started it no matter the situation.


I am disliking Carly Fiorina more and more… she’s unfit for prez as well!

So Carly Fiorina keeps talking trash at Donald Trump and condemns his comments about Megyn Kelly. Carly says that she stands with Megyn which is kind of no surprise. In my opinion, I think this is Carly’s lousy attempt to try to get more female voters and get more liberal support. Carly siding with Megyn Kelly is obviously a political move for her elections. It’s no surprise to see that Carly has joined in on the Donald Trump hating bandwagon.  She just wants to fit in with the other candidates and if she supports Trump, she figures that could hurt her campaigning.

Another reason that Carly has been bothering me as of late, I just found out that she’s a Muslim sympathizer as well. Yep, she seems to be an Islam supporter. So Carly being in the White House? No. Neither Hillary or Carly would be a good woman president at all. If Carly gets elected, she could be another leader who will refuse to put “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence so we can’t have that.

The question you have to ask is this, does Donald Trump deserve all of this backlash from the GOP candidates, FOX News, liberals and the media? No, he doesn’t but that’s politics though. It’s the name of the game. When you get into the race, you gotta expect all kinds of attacks, criticism and other candidates trying to steal your voters. All that stuff. That’s why the other candidates are doing what they’re doing. They’re trying to steal Trump’s voters. FOX News is also doing all they can try to get his supporters to get turned off by him but it is not working. All FOX News is doing is getting people to like Trump even more, what part of that don’t they get?

When people say that the “race war will become the new sexist war”, they’re so right. It’s happening right now with all this Megyn Kelly stuff. It’s coming, y’all… soon you’ll no longer be allowed to call out and criticize women for saying or doing stupid things. You’ll get called a sexist, a misogynistic and all that stuff. You should be able to tell the truth about women. You can be mean to women as long as you don’t punch them or anything like that. That’s what people are acting like over Trump, people are acting like he was abusive to her which is pretty sickening.



Liberals feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly getting called out by Trump… hypocrites… all of them!!!

It’s looking like that liberals are siding with Megyn Kelly  since they believe that she is being bullied by Mr. Trump. They’re predictably calling it sexist and all that stuff. They’re saying that no woman should be treated like that and stuff.

Um… sorry but aren’t they the same people who gave Sarah Palin so much shit over the years? They bullied Sarah Palin at every chance they can get… liberal men even bullied her and said a bunch of hateful things about Sarah.  They also treated Ann Coulter like shit too. So don’t fucking tell me that “women doesn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

Actually, it was Megyn Kelly who bullied Donald Trump during that debate so she had it coming anyways. In my opinion, Megyn Kelly deserves the smackdown by Donald Trump.

Any so called “conservative” who gets offended by Trump’s comment about Megyn is not a real conservative and is a secret liberal.


If women act like a total bitch then they should be called out. Megyn was never a true conservative anyways, she’s just another RINO. Megyn defended Obama over Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Obama being “Anti-America” so to hell with her, ya know?

It’s funny how each time Donald Trump attacks someone like John McCain, Megyn Kelly, and others… people will feel sorry for them.

The way I’m seeing it is if you’re a Trump hater, you’re probably either an uneducated liberal or a RINO conservative. True conservatives like me are big fans of Trump. We are the kind of people who don’t take what he says seriously and appreciate him for being real.

Let him get all over Megyn Kelly ’cause she started it just like John McCain started it. Of course, I think people know that. People will always believe Trump is the bad guy ’cause everybody is scared of him. Trump is a hardcore conservative and it’s bothering people.