Megyn Kelly deserves to get harassed and bullied by Trump, stop giving Megyn a free pass…

Megyn treated Trump like garbage during that first GOP debate on FOX News and you expect Trump not to respond in that way? Now people are calling Donald sexist and a misgogynist for defending himself? She treated him unfairly during that debate and I think Trump has every right to call her out. I’d do the same thing. I could care less if she is a woman or not. Women shouldn’t get a free pass for treating men unfairly.

FOX News is becoming more and more liberal than ever. That network isn’t conservative at all as much as people want to believe.

Donald Trump has every right to speak his mind and has a right to an opinion and it’s pretty crazy that people won’t let him. I think it’s because he’s rich and he’s a true conservative. That’s the only reason people hate him, in my opinion.

Megyn Kelly deserves those attacks by Trump. Stop giving her a free pass.

I think FOX News is quickly turning into a liberal network ’cause they’re trying to attract more liberal viewers. That’s why there is all of this bias with Trump on FOX News.

Quit feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly ’cause that cunt started the whole thing to begin with but of course libtards will never admit it. In the mind of a libtard, it’s always Trump that started it no matter the situation.


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