Apparently, FOX News has just joined the feminism movement… are they trying to help Hillary?

Another thing that I wanted to add about FOX News’s statement to Donald Trump notice how they said it was sexist to call out Megyn Kelly for her bullshit. Notice that they used the word sexist. Most so-called conservatives and liberals sympathized with Megyn Kelly and sided with her. This is just one of those things where the race war will become the new “sexist” war. Give it time, y’all. Pretty soon you won’t be able to call out women for their bullshit & drama anymore ’cause if you do, you’ll get called a sexist and misogynistic pig. We lost our freedom of speech toward gays & black people… soon we’ll lose our “freedom of expression” when it comes to women. We’ll no longer be allowed to tell the truth about women anymore.

That’s what FOX News is trying to do. They’ve just joined the “feminism” movement, I think. So FOX News a “conservative” network like many want to believe? Fuck no. FOX News has always been a pretty liberal network. They just use “conservatism” as a cover.

This is just FOX News’s lousy attempt at trying to ram “feminism” down our throats even more when it comes to Megyn Kelly. I also believe that they are trying to help Hillary win the election. So FOX News a station aimed at the right-wing party? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They’ve gotten liberals to side with them so go figure.

Keep it going FOX News. You never cease to amaze me.


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