Liberals feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly getting called out by Trump… hypocrites… all of them!!!

It’s looking like that liberals are siding with Megyn Kelly  since they believe that she is being bullied by Mr. Trump. They’re predictably calling it sexist and all that stuff. They’re saying that no woman should be treated like that and stuff.

Um… sorry but aren’t they the same people who gave Sarah Palin so much shit over the years? They bullied Sarah Palin at every chance they can get… liberal men even bullied her and said a bunch of hateful things about Sarah.  They also treated Ann Coulter like shit too. So don’t fucking tell me that “women doesn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

Actually, it was Megyn Kelly who bullied Donald Trump during that debate so she had it coming anyways. In my opinion, Megyn Kelly deserves the smackdown by Donald Trump.

Any so called “conservative” who gets offended by Trump’s comment about Megyn is not a real conservative and is a secret liberal.

If women act like a total bitch then they should be called out. Megyn was never a true conservative anyways, she’s just another RINO. Megyn defended Obama over Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Obama being “Anti-America” so to hell with her, ya know?

It’s funny how each time Donald Trump attacks someone like John McCain, Megyn Kelly, and others… people will feel sorry for them.

The way I’m seeing it is if you’re a Trump hater, you’re probably either an uneducated liberal or a RINO conservative. True conservatives like me are big fans of Trump. We are the kind of people who don’t take what he says seriously and appreciate him for being real.

Let him get all over Megyn Kelly ’cause she started it just like John McCain started it. Of course, I think people know that. People will always believe Trump is the bad guy ’cause everybody is scared of him. Trump is a hardcore conservative and it’s bothering people.


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