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Now that Jeb Bush is gone, mainstream media have to make Marco Rubio look like a GOP star like I predicted…

It’s very strange to me how the mainstream media works. Trump is doing so well in the election, kicking ass in every poll and most states but the mainstream media never wants to treat Mr. Trump with any respect for it. The media tried their best to make Jeb Bush look like the GOP star in the election but they failed miserably. Now they’re trying it with Marco Rubio like I predicted. Even though Marco is not doing so well in the election at all, they do their best to make Marco look more popular than Trump. It’s just sad really.

I did watch the GOP Debate last night and it was great. Trump killed it like always and won it like always but sure enough, media tries to make Rubio look like the winner even though his polls are pretty average at best. So sad. The media is so dishonest and corrupt… what’s even sadder is that most liberals in America can’t see that.

Now that Jeb Bush is gone, somebody else have to attack Trump as a desperate attempt to survive in the race. Ted Cruz got into the attacking last night too, I see. It was a two against one war Rubio/Cruz vs. Trump last night. I’ve noticed Kasich and Carson stayed away from the Trump bashing, though.

Some of Trump’s best moments last night was when Trump said that Obamacare is gonna destroy the economy even worse and I agree. Trump also said that education should be local and not be controlled by the government which he was referring to Common Core.

Also, Marco Rubio did his best to destroy Trump but failed miserably at that too. When you try to go after Mr. Trump, you just unleashed the pitbull so be careful there, Rubio. Trump just destroyed Rubio about not being a good negotiator and Trump said that he has seen Rubio suffered a melt down while negotiating over something which was awesome. Rubio didn’t say much after that and you can tell Rubio was pissed too.

All the Trump haters need to get over themselves and get used to it. Trump has the media beat ’cause they can’t stop him no matter how hard they try.

One big reason why I love Mr. Trump is that he speaks from the heart. He doesn’t read off of anything. His answers aren’t prepared. Rubio and Cruz were reading off of teleprompters but Trump doesn’t need a teleprompter. Whatever’s on Trump’s mind, it’s gonna get said. Also, another reason why I respect Trump so much is that he’s playing this election fairly and legally. He’s the only one playing fair and he doesn’t cheat. Like I said, if there’s someone who can stop election fraud, it’s Mr. Trump.

Yeah, Mr. Trump does have a bit of an ego problem yes… I won’t deny that but sometimes “ego” is a good thing. He’s got to have an ego if he wants to achieve his dreams and his goals. Having an ego got where he is today, a successful businessman. A lot of people say that having an ego is “bad” but not always. Having an ego can be useful and I’ll talk about that in another post sometime.

Last’s night’s GOP debate was great. Trump is gonna be the next one.


For once I disagree with Donald Trump on something!!!

Yes, I did watch the New Hampshire GOP debate last night on TV. It was actually a pretty good one. Who did I think did the best job? Well, of course Trump killed it like always. I also liked Rubio and Ben Carson. So therefor: Trump, Rubio and Carson were the stars last night. I thought those three did the best job last night but all the others were losers.

While Mr. Trump did the best job; however, there is one thing that I disagree with him on. Remember, the part where Trump and Rubio were arguing about whether or not they believe that Barack Obama knows what he’s doing in destroying America? Well, Rubio says that Obama knows what he’s doing and says that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy America but Trump says Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’ve always said on these blogs that Obama is pretty smart and he definitely knows what he’s doing in destroying America. All Rubio was trying to say is that Obama is trying to redefine America but not in a good way but Trump and the other candidates ripped him for it. So yeah, I think I’m siding with Rubio on this one. Obama is purposefully destroying America which is what Rubio is saying but Trump wants to act like Obama is dumb and destroying America by accident. For some reason Trump seems to be afraid to admit that Obama is purposefully trying to destroy America which Rubio had the balls to say it. I liked Rubio last night. I loved how Rubio called out the evil corruption of Obama and Hillary which Trump was admittedly pretty weak on. Rubio was the only one last night who called out the evils of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and those so-called “conservatives” still wanna bash Rubio? Just more reasons why the conservative party sucks so bad right now!

While I have grown into liking Marco Rubio more and more, I still don’t like his immigration plan as I think Rubio’s immigration views sucks so bad but other than that… most of Rubio’s policies and ideas are pretty cool.

The best Trump moments last night was when he called out how fake the audience were. The audience were cheerleaders for Jeb Bush but I think they were planted there by Jeb. Trump called out the fake audience by saying things like, “I don’t need their money, the reason they’re angry is ’cause I don’t need their money”. It went something like that. I also loved how Trump said he was going to bring back “waterboarding” and even worse things then that. I also loved how Trump responded to the “Black Lives Matter” question and he replied that we need to respect our police.

As for Dr. Ben Carson, I loved how he destroyed Ted Cruz over the “dropping out of the race” lie. Dr. Carson destroyed Ted last night but was friendly and kind about it. Dr. Carson silenced Ted by not attacking him so Dr. Carson was a man with class. Also, Dr. Carson continues to call out the corrupt media who continues to make him look bad and that was awesome too.

All the other GOP guys were losers like usual. I can’t stand John Kasich, Christie and Jeb.

Trump was the real winner here like always. Wanna know why so many people respect Trump? Simply because he’s real. He doesn’t use prepared & scripted answers. Trump isn’t afraid to speak his mind while all the other GOP candidates reads off of teleprompters when answering debate questions. Trump doesn’t use a teleprompter at all, he doesn’t read off of anything which is why Trump continues to surge in the election. Everybody knows he’s the real deal.

It was surprisingly a good debate last night and the ABC moderators were surprisingly respectful to Trump and the other guys.


GOP Debate #5 review…

Yes, I did watch the GOP Debate #5 last night and I just wanted to give a review. So far, out of all the debates in the GOP race, I think #5 was the best one out of all of them.

Last night’s debate was entertaining as hell. Ya know, watching these GOP debates is kind of like watching WWE. You’re gonna see a lot of shouting matches and there was exactly that last night. Of course, Trump and Jeb Bush got into their usual shouting matches. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also got into shouting matches with each other.

It seems like that CNN had a huge hardon for Marco Rubio ’cause Marco was doing most of the talking than all the other candidates. I think they intentionally did that so Donald Trump and Ted Cruz wouldn’t talk as much ’cause you know the media is scared of those guys.

I don’t like Marco Rubio at all ’cause 1) He’s not eligible to be president either 2) He’s all for amnesty 3) He’s all for NSA spying. So I say no to Rubio in the White House.

While I lost my support for Rand Paul a long time ago, I’ll have to admit that Sen. Paul did a decent job. I liked how Sen. Paul was calling out Rubio on a lot of stuff like how Rubio was all for amnesty and the NSA spying.

When Donald Trump did get to talk, he killed it like always. I agreed with a lot of things he was saying like usual. When he says he wants to “Shut down the internet”, he didn’t mean to shut it down completely… just only sections of it so Isis wouldn’t gain access to the internet. That’s all Trump is saying but nope, everybody is like all “freedom of speech”, blah blah blah. It’s a safety issue is what it is.

Donald Trump killed the debate last night like he always does. People are scared of him ’cause he doesn’t fall for the politically correct crowd. I don’t care what anyone says, I still support Trump.

It’s amazing how the libtard left are calling Trump the next Hitler just because he tells the truth about illegal immigrants and Muslims. They all call Trump racist which is nothing new ’cause the libtard left calls everyone and everything racist. That’s all they can come up with and I’ll have another topic on that soon. Libs are playing the race card on everything and what’s even worse they are calling Donald Trump supporters “racist”. Keep in mind these are coming from the same people who call those who hate Obama as “racists”. “Racists” is an overused term thanks to the corrupt media and I’ll have a rant on that soon.

Back to the debate last night, it was good. Rand Paul and Trump did the best job but everybody else were losers.

I hope Donald Trump runs as an independent ’cause he talked about that last night and he’s really thinking about doing it. He’s really gonna do it, I think. Ben Carson is thinking about doing it too. I can’t blame them, though ’cause the “right vs. left” thing has gotten horrible.


Was Ann Coulter just marginalized by the media? I’d say yes…

It’s interesting how Ann Coulter got both parties: liberal and conservative upset. If there is anybody that can drive both parties insane, it’s Ann Coulter and that’s part of why I admire this woman.

I think she was just marginalized by the media as a way to make her look bad ’cause of her hardcore conservative beliefs. She’s always been an easy target for media.

She’s proving right here that both sides are really starting to suck. Conservatives getting upset and outraged over this?

Read this article where it clears it all up:


So yeah, you can betcha, I stand with Ann. She did nothing wrong at all. That’s the problem in this day and age. Too many “easily offended” people and I’m offended at people getting offended.

The media will do anything to destroy this woman.


The GOP doesn’t bring up “Climate Change” ’cause it doesn’t exist… get over yourselves…

One thing that the libtards love to do is rail against the GOP for not bringing up “Climate Change” or not doing anything about it. Why? Well think about why… the answer is real simple, really. It’s because “Climate Change” doesn’t exist. It’s all made up by liberal politicians. If you believe that “Climate Change” is the greatest threat of this world only because Barack Obama says so then you are one messed up individual.

I don’t believe in “Climate Change”. The Earth is what it is. You can’t do anything to make it better ’cause you get what you get.

The only reason that Barack Obama is promoting “Climate Change” is ’cause it’s the only thing that makes him look good and it gives him something to do. He’s done nothing but treat America in a negative direction and Obama’s got a lot of flak for it. So he goes out of his way to do his “Climate Change” make believe crap to look like a hero before his presidency goes out.

There’s no way to make the Earth better and even politicians can’t do that. The Earth is what it is, once again.

Don’t believe that “Climate Change” is the greatest threat crap ’cause the Earth is pretty much fine other than pollution being a slight problem but that’s about all.

I don’t believe in “Climate Change” and neither should you.


Liberals feeling sorry for Megyn Kelly getting called out by Trump… hypocrites… all of them!!!

It’s looking like that liberals are siding with Megyn Kelly  since they believe that she is being bullied by Mr. Trump. They’re predictably calling it sexist and all that stuff. They’re saying that no woman should be treated like that and stuff.

Um… sorry but aren’t they the same people who gave Sarah Palin so much shit over the years? They bullied Sarah Palin at every chance they can get… liberal men even bullied her and said a bunch of hateful things about Sarah.  They also treated Ann Coulter like shit too. So don’t fucking tell me that “women doesn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

Actually, it was Megyn Kelly who bullied Donald Trump during that debate so she had it coming anyways. In my opinion, Megyn Kelly deserves the smackdown by Donald Trump.

Any so called “conservative” who gets offended by Trump’s comment about Megyn is not a real conservative and is a secret liberal.


If women act like a total bitch then they should be called out. Megyn was never a true conservative anyways, she’s just another RINO. Megyn defended Obama over Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Obama being “Anti-America” so to hell with her, ya know?

It’s funny how each time Donald Trump attacks someone like John McCain, Megyn Kelly, and others… people will feel sorry for them.

The way I’m seeing it is if you’re a Trump hater, you’re probably either an uneducated liberal or a RINO conservative. True conservatives like me are big fans of Trump. We are the kind of people who don’t take what he says seriously and appreciate him for being real.

Let him get all over Megyn Kelly ’cause she started it just like John McCain started it. Of course, I think people know that. People will always believe Trump is the bad guy ’cause everybody is scared of him. Trump is a hardcore conservative and it’s bothering people.


Once again, what if Carly Fiorina wins the election and becomes next POTUS? How will liberals react to that?

I had a post about this before a long while back and don’t mind posting it again. Carly Fiorina one of the GOP candidates seems to be getting a lot more respect lately. The question you have to ask is this… how will liberals react if Carly gets elected and gets sworn in President? Not saying it will happen but what if she happens to win all of a sudden?

Liberals always dream about having a first woman president and the only woman president they could think of is, of course, Hillary. They seem to forget that another woman is running for president too and she seems to be doing well in the election so far and that is none other than Carly Fiorina.

If Carly wins the election and becomes POTUS, it be interesting to see how liberals will react to that. I’m sure libtards will be mad as hell that a Republican woman could be president, ya know?

All this will prove is that liberals are pretty one-sided pieces of shits. They stay on their side always. It will be funny if that happens, Carly gets elected… well hey, you wanted a woman president, well you got one. Liberals are gonna explode over that for sure. Ha!


GOP Debate: When will FOX News realize that the more they attack Donald Trump, the more they are helping him?

I just figured out why Donald Trump is doing so good in the polls it’s because FOX News is trying their best to bring him down but it’s not working. All it’s doing it is helping Donald Trump and winning in the polls. Yeah, I did watch last night’s GOP debate and it was a joke honestly. Of course, Donald Trump was the best debater and I’ll be honest that I thought Ben Carson was awesome too. Ben Carson would be the 2nd best debater from last night. I was impressed with Ben Carson and starting to like him more but I’m still gonna support the Donald, though.

It’s no surprise to see that all FOX News was gonna do is try to make Donald Trump look bad throughout the entire debate and they also have a big hardon for Jeb Bush which is no surprise either. Why do FOX News love Jeb Bush so much? He’s just another RINO who does nothing but lie and say stupid things. Jeb Bush is an idiot and he acted like one last night and FOX News loves Jeb? WOW! It’s just proof that FOX News has been leaning left lately ’cause Jeb Bush is no conservative even though he claimed that he is last night. John Kasich is another one who claims he’s “conservative” but he admitted he supported the Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” ruling… another so called “conservative” that supports gay marriage. *yawn*

Most of the guys last night were idiots. Rand Paul was an idiot ’cause he did nothing but get into shouting matches with Donald Trump and Chris Christie. Gov. Christie is a moron as well.

Even though FOX News tried their best to ruin Donald Trump, the Donald steals the show like always. All FOX News is doing is getting the American people to like him even more, what part of that don’t they get?

After watching the debate last night, I’m starting to realize that FOX News maybe a garbage network after all. All mainstream media news is garbage and that includes FOX News. See? I’m not on one side at all. What’s sad last night is that FOX News didn’t show the rest of the candidates with respect while they go on a big love fest on Jeb Bush. Really?

Last thing America needs is another Bush in the White House. No more Clinton’s or Bush’s please. I really think Donald Trump is gonna win the nomination easily. FOX News should let the people pick the president, not them. FOX News is even biased too, not just the liberal media.


Video: Donald Trump arrives in Cleveland for GOP presidential debate tonight…

Donald Trump just landed! He just arrived in Cleveland for tonight’s first GOP presidential debate. The Donald is not alone as I can see he brought his whole family with him. Look like Donald Jr. and Eric are gonna be there along with their significant others and of course Ivanka steps off the plane too. Then off the plane comes The Donald and his wife, Melania. Look like the whole Trump gang are gonna be there to watch him debate and support him.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s debate and I think Trump is gonna win it, probably. Don’t be surprised. OG TRUMP! KICK SOME ASS!