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Was Ann Coulter just marginalized by the media? I’d say yes…

It’s interesting how Ann Coulter got both parties: liberal and conservative upset. If there is anybody that can drive both parties insane, it’s Ann Coulter and that’s part of why I admire this woman.

I think she was just marginalized by the media as a way to make her look bad ’cause of her hardcore conservative beliefs. She’s always been an easy target for media.

She’s proving right here that both sides are really starting to suck. Conservatives getting upset and outraged over this?

Read this article where it clears it all up:


So yeah, you can betcha, I stand with Ann. She did nothing wrong at all. That’s the problem in this day and age. Too many “easily offended” people and I’m offended at people getting offended.

The media will do anything to destroy this woman.