GOP Debate: When will FOX News realize that the more they attack Donald Trump, the more they are helping him?

I just figured out why Donald Trump is doing so good in the polls it’s because FOX News is trying their best to bring him down but it’s not working. All it’s doing it is helping Donald Trump and winning in the polls. Yeah, I did watch last night’s GOP debate and it was a joke honestly. Of course, Donald Trump was the best debater and I’ll be honest that I thought Ben Carson was awesome too. Ben Carson would be the 2nd best debater from last night. I was impressed with Ben Carson and starting to like him more but I’m still gonna support the Donald, though.

It’s no surprise to see that all FOX News was gonna do is try to make Donald Trump look bad throughout the entire debate and they also have a big hardon for Jeb Bush which is no surprise either. Why do FOX News love Jeb Bush so much? He’s just another RINO who does nothing but lie and say stupid things. Jeb Bush is an idiot and he acted like one last night and FOX News loves Jeb? WOW! It’s just proof that FOX News has been leaning left lately ’cause Jeb Bush is no conservative even though he claimed that he is last night. John Kasich is another one who claims he’s “conservative” but he admitted he supported the Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” ruling… another so called “conservative” that supports gay marriage. *yawn*

Most of the guys last night were idiots. Rand Paul was an idiot ’cause he did nothing but get into shouting matches with Donald Trump and Chris Christie. Gov. Christie is a moron as well.

Even though FOX News tried their best to ruin Donald Trump, the Donald steals the show like always. All FOX News is doing is getting the American people to like him even more, what part of that don’t they get?

After watching the debate last night, I’m starting to realize that FOX News maybe a garbage network after all. All mainstream media news is garbage and that includes FOX News. See? I’m not on one side at all. What’s sad last night is that FOX News didn’t show the rest of the candidates with respect while they go on a big love fest on Jeb Bush. Really?

Last thing America needs is another Bush in the White House. No more Clinton’s or Bush’s please. I really think Donald Trump is gonna win the nomination easily. FOX News should let the people pick the president, not them. FOX News is even biased too, not just the liberal media.


2 thoughts on “GOP Debate: When will FOX News realize that the more they attack Donald Trump, the more they are helping him?”

  1. I agree with Ben Carson

    I liked him also

    Surprised how much time between his first question answered and his 2nd

    I thought Fox forgot about him

  2. Trump should face a trial by fire as should all candidates.Look at the libs promoting a liar, Hit every GOP candidate hard we want the best not some washed up liar in a pant suit. Donald is a big boy if he cannot take it then he’s not the right guy for the job.

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